How Much Nicotine?

1 1/2 Packs A Day
+ = 24mg A pack and a half or more per day smoker
1 Pack A Day
= 18mg A pack a day smoker. 80% of all users start here.
Half A Pack A Day
= 12mg Half a pack a day smoker
A Few Cigarettes A Day
= 6mg A few cigarettes per day smoker
Non Smoker
= 0 Nicotine Pure flavor. This is the one keeps you out of the fridge.

If you're in doubt, Round UP!

It is always better to get too much nicotine than be tempted to pick up a cigarette.

FDA studies have never shown nicotine to be harmful by itself. What is harmful is the carcinogens and byproducts produced from cigarettes and second-hand smoke.

Nicotine is very comparable to caffeine with the effects it has on your body