Sony VTC5 18650 HD 2600mAh

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These are sold as a single battery
Now In! The upgraded version of the VTC4! This 18650 battery offers 2600mAh capacity with a max output of 30A. This is a great battery option to go along with your favorite mod!


  • 2600mah Battery Capacity
  • 30A Maximum Continuous Discharge
  • Flat Top
  • 18mm Diameter
  • 65mm Length

Important Battery Safety Tips

  • Never overcharge or over discharge a battery. Improper discharge or overcharge will cause shortened battery life and could make it leak or pop.
  • Ensure battery wraps are intact and not ripped. If you see damage, re-wrap or replace batteries. Any damage to a battery wrap could cause a short circuit leading to fast current release and damage.
  • Always use the correct battery for your application.
  • Always dispose of batteries properly and NEVER dispose of or place battery near or in fire.