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Pina Colada E-Liquid

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Coconut Milk, Pineapple and Rum is what makes this delicious E-Liquid tick!

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Carla Moore Aug 1st 2017

Piña Colada

I'd been Vaping for about a year when someone told me about Lizard Juice - that was 4 years ago. I couldn't believe there was such a difference in LJ vs. (literally) EVERY OTHER vape juice I had ever tried! To me, there simply is NO COMPARISON - LJ ACTUALLY has a good authentic taste! If Pina Colada is written on the bottle, then it taste like Pina Colada. If you liked Lizard Milk because it tasted a little like coconut, pineapple & rum - then you're sure to like Pina Colada because - AS ALWAYS - they "hit the nail on the head" with this flavor! I also want to Thank You for ALWAYS shipping my juices to me in record time! ***As a side note - Carnival (Cotton Candy & Bubblelicious Bubble Gum Flavor) is my #1 with this PC being #2.

Julie W. May 22nd 2017

Nice flavor in place of

Nice flavor in place of Rum Punch. What happened to Rum Punch though?

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