Profit from the BOOMING ECig Market with a Lizard Juice E Cig Franchise

The Market

The ecig market is growth rate is in the triple digits and now is the best time to enter the business. According to Wells Fargo, by 2017 the industry’s sales will top $10 billion.

The Investment

Looking for a substantial return on your investment? For as little as $50k and in under 30 days we can set you up with your very own Lizard Juice franchise. Complete the contact form on the right so we can contact you and answer any questions you might have.

The Operation

Looking for great products with big margins? Want a business that almost guarantees that your customers will return time and time again? We’ve perfected the ecig business. We can set you up with your own ecig franchise and share with you all of the information and resources you need to succeed in this business.

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  • Why Lizard Juice E Cigs?

    We have spent years putting ourselves miles ahead of the competition, and it shows in every aspect of our business. To put it simply: We're just better.

    • Better Brand

      We’ve succeeded in developing a brand that is recognizable and that instills trust and loyalty in our customer base. Our brand awareness is unmatched and by becoming a franchisee you’ll benefit too.

    • Better Products

      Our products are the best on the market – hands down. From market research to development to testing, we have created products that customers want and ask for by name.

    • Better Training

      We will supply you with all the information and training needed to ensure your success. Between our numerous locations, we’ve clocked up a lot of time under our collective Lizard Juice belt. Learn from us.

    • Better Support

      We’ve developed support systems to help you manage everything. We’re here to guarantee success and there’s nothing we will not do to help you achieve it.

    • Better Supply Chain

      We run a one-stop-shop to make sure you have what you want when you want it. We’ve also established channels to ensure your voice is heard and that your product improvement suggestions help shape our decisions.

    • Better Technology

      We have technology departments working every day to ensure that you don’t have to worry about things like software, hardware, SEO, or social media management. Our technology departments are experts in their fields and they’re committed to your success.

    A word from the founder

    Opening a Lizard Juice Franchise is more than just selling a product, It's truly about making a difference in peoples lives for the better and giving them an alternative that can help them change their lives for good.

    Our Philosophy

    Your Lizard Juice Ecig franchise is about more than just making money - it's about improving quality of life for others by offering a safer, healthier alternative to smoking. It's about the feeling you get when a customer tells you they can take a deep breath again for the first time in 40 years. That's when you realize you're doing more than running a business, you're Changing lives, One person at a time.

    What other Franchisees are saying

    • Lizard Juice is really one of the most unique franchises on the market. We offer a life changing product that makes coming in and opening the store gratifying every day.

      Chris Brown

    • I was looking for a low upfront cost investment, and when I found Lizard Juice I found much more than that. We're all like a family here, It's really great.

      Sherry Davis

    • I saw a story on the news about E Cigarette Franchises so I did some research online, and Lizard Juice caught my eye. Next thing I know, I have 3 locations..

      James Ferrell

    Frequently asked questions

    Everyone has questions, here are some of the more frequent ones:

    What is the franchise fee?

    If you are awarded a single franchise unit and territory, your franchise fee is $7,500. If the territory will allow it, additional units can be purchased under our multiple-unit agreement at a reduced franchise fee of $6,750.

    How much money will I need to start my first ECig Franchise?

    Total investment can vary depending on a number of factors and can start as low as $50,000.

    Do you have royalty fees?

    No, we do not collect traditional franchise royalty fees calculated as a percentage of your sales. Our model is straight forward - we provide the product, and you sell it to your customers.

    Do you offer protected territories?

    All of our franchised units operate within an exclusive territory. Territories are determined individually and are based on a number of factors including population and geographical size.

    How long will it take me to open my store for business?

    You can typically be in business in 30 to 60 days.

    There's a lot of talk about E Cigarettes in the news lately. What can you tell me?

    You're right, there is a lot of misinformation out there right now. Read more about the actual facts with sources on our blog here

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