What's Going On In The World Of Vaping? Vol. 2

Posted by Big J on Oct 3rd 2017

What's Going On In The World Of Vaping? Vol. 2

So since our last installment a few things have happened in the world of vaping. E-liquid manufacturers helping hurricane victims, San Francisco putting their flavor ban up for a vote, a famous Youtuber auctioning off his gear for CASAA, and a major player in the world of vaping may be inventing the best battery ever! If any of these sound interesting then stay tuned folks!

5 Pawns help Hurricane Harvey victims:

The owner of 5 Pawns e-liquids was watching his news feed a few days ago as pictures poured in of the devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey. A lot of their social media followers were posting pictures of the aftermath and the damage it had caused. Instead of sending "Facebook prayers" or making speeches 5 Pawns decided they needed to actually do something for these victims. The company's CEO Rodney Jerabek parked a box truck in front of their 5 Pawns Tasting Bar in Irvine, California and asked folks to bring by any and all donations for the hurricane victims. The box truck was full of clothing, pillows, blankets, food, water, and other supplies in no time. The box truck was headed to Texas as of September 5th and Jerabek said he'll continue to take more donations as they come. This right here is what it's all about folks, people helping people. These are the stories you won't see on the news though.

San Francisco won't repeal flavor ban:

So in case you didn't know, San Francisco had decided to ban flavored e-liquids. Included in that ban was flavored cigars and menthol tobacco cigarettes. Well wouldn't you know it, tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds wasn't too happy about that and started a campaign called Let's Be Real San Francisco. The campaign called for repeal of the ban, but rest assured their main incentive was their tobacco profits. Well CASAA and Not Blowing Smoke decided to piggy back on the campaign, might as well use those Big Tobacco dollars for some good. Turns out 34,000 people agreed with Big Tobacco and the vaping advocacy groups and signed their petition. This had San Francisco's Board of Supervisor's in a pickle now, they either had to repeal the ban or put it up for a vote from the city residents. As any with any government body, they hate to admit they are wrong so they decided to put it up for a vote to the public. So thanks to the strange bedfellows of Big Tobacco and CASAA/Not Blowing Smoke, the citizens of San Francisco get to decide what they want in their e-liquids next year. What a strange strange world we live in.

Phil Busardo to auction off vape gear for CASAA:

Since we're talking about CASAA and advocacy I figure this story will fit in nicely here. Youtuber Phil Busardo has decided to have an auction. He is giving away TONS of new vaping gear to the highest bidder. All the proceeds from the auction will go to CASAA to help in their fight for vaping rights. CASAA seems to pick their battles wisely and the donated funds go to worthwhile battles. Unfortunately though CASAA isn't made of money. They count on donations from vapers like you and me to fund these battles. If you don't do anything else this year, join CASAA and donate a couple bucks. Every dollar helps.

Did Innokin invent the perfect battery?:

Innokin might be revealing it's newest battery at ECC 2017 in Ontario. A new battery you say? Yep, that's what a little birdie close to Innokin leaked to the press. A document was released saying that Innokin was working on a battery technology that was safer, lasts longer, and charges quicker. The Innokin Energy System will supposedly charge 100 times faster than a normal battery and contains specially designed cells that will have a lifespan that is equivalent to 100 of today's current cells. The added lifespan and increased charge rate are supposedly due to the new chemistry that Innokin has created for these battery cells. It also sounds like these batteries are capable of a safely sustained high output of power which is good news for the mech mod crowd. Imagine a battery you could run for days at super low ohms and have no fears of battery venting. Sounds too good to be true but man I hope it is!

So there's what's going on in the world of vaping. Hope you enjoyed the article and stay tuned for more!