What Does New York City Have Against Vapers?

Posted by Big J on Aug 22nd 2017

What Does New York City Have Against Vapers?

The State of New York blows my mind when it comes to vaping. They will literally ban anything, anytime, anywhere. I have two stories coming out of New York that I read and just shook my head at. It almost seems like they're having a pissing match with California to see who can shove the most useless vaping legislation down their constituents throats. I guess I'll start with the latest round of bans and legislation and then move to a new "product" they're developing to combat the evil vapers. So without further ado, here we go.


Bans and Legislation

So the city council was presented this nice and tidy package of regulations that was supposed to be aimed at TOBACCO use and sales in New York City. However there just happened to be a few other regulations tucked in there about vaping and the sale of vapor products. Council members were not allowed to vote on the individual regulations presented but instead were forced to vote on the package as a whole. Needless to say the package passed. While that's great for the anti-TOBACCO folks here's where the vapers got screwed.

  1. All e-cigarette vendors must be licensed. These licenses are non-transferable however.
  2. The number of vape shops allowed in the City of New York has been cut in half. Once a vape shop closes that's it. It cannot be sold. See #1. That means no new vape shops in NYC for at least 10-20 years.
  3. If your business sells traditional cigarettes you CANNOT sell vapor products. See #1 and #2.
  4. Tenants of apartment buildings with 10 or fewer units cannot vape in common areas. That's right, they can tell you what to do in your own home now.
  5. This package got presented and pushed through so quickly that advocacy groups like CASAA couldn't even get a call to action out until it was too late. This is ridiculous that legislation that affects so many people can be bullied through so quickly by our elected politicians. I don't know about you but this whole idea of government knowing what is best for me without me having a say is getting pretty old.

    New anti-vaping Technology

    New York company named Digital Fly has come up with an invention for New York schools. Since it is illegal to smoke or vape on school property (imagine that) this group of money hungry geniuses decided to cash in. The company has made a device (think smoke detector) that can sense when a vaper exhales and "contaminates" the air. The same sensor also claims it can detect bullying by the increase of sound waves in the area the sensor is placed. They swear there are no cameras or microphones in these sensors since that would be an invasion of privacy. So, you're telling me this thing knows the difference between an exhaled vapor cloud and say a steamy shower room and some spray deodorant in the air? And these "noise sensors" somehow detect noise without a microphone? If it isn't a microphone then what is it? And how does it know the difference between a few kids "bullying" and a bathroom full of kids between classes? Sounds like a giant money grab to me. For those of you that live in NYC I feel so sorry for you. There are like 48 other states that aren't so bad that you can try, I say 48 because I hear California is pretty coo-coo for cocoa puffs too.