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Posted by David C. Baker on Oct 19th 2017

Vaping Global News


Vaping Views – England vs. America

It would seem that, in England, the government is taking a much more supportive view of vaping than here in the good ‘ol US of A. In 2015 Public Health England concluded that vaping is:

  • 95% safer than smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes
  • not a gateway to tobacco smoking for kids and non-smokers
  • potentially an effective tool to aid people in quitting tobacco.

Yet here in the Land of the Free, such views aren’t shared by the established medical authority. Why? How can the USA look at the same evidence and still come to a contrary conclusion? The answer is as simple as it is obvious.


In 1968, the American Public Health Association concluded that “social policy rather than public health […] would henceforth become its main focus.” In other words, they thought it acceptable to exaggerate risks in the interest of the public good. Remember “Better safe than sorry!”? This attitude has caused so many unreasonable public health scares that, by the time they were disproven, the whole country believed it was going to get bird flu, swine flu, and a host of other illnesses that only really affected a small portion of the population at their worst.

Considering that we life in a world where a BILLION people will have died from smoking-related illnesses by the end of the century, we Americans need facts – not fear-mongering.

Allegheny County’s Vaping Ban - Fit or Flop?

Six months ago, Allegheny County in Pennsylvania enacted a vaping ban. The ban "prohibits the use of e-cigarettes and vaping products in indoor public places where cigarettes are already prohibited. This includes workplaces, restaurants, government buildings, schools, and daycare centers, among others. Supporters of the ban cited their concern that e-cigs were a gateway to tobacco smoking and also that there may be some public health risk regarding second-hand vapor.

So after six months of this ban being in place, what impact has it had? Hardly any, if at all. No fines have been collected, no violations have been reported, and no one has even been cited for violating the ordinance. Meanwhile, a state-wide 40% vaping tax in Pennsylvania is hurting the vaping industy and vapers alike.

Your government at work...

Aussie Senate Upholds Vaping Ban

Electronic cigarettes are banned in Australia and it doesn't look like that's going to change anytime soon. The Senate voted to uphold the ban; meanwhile up to 50 Australians will die each day from smoking-related illnesses this year.

The Federal Senate's Community Affairs Legislation Committee states that they are looking further into the safety of vaping. Proponents of vaping-as-smoking-cessation state they welcome the inquiry. Dr Colin Mendelsohn, a Conjoint Associate Professor in the School of Public Health at UNSW, and a tobacco treatment specialist, says e-cigarettes may be a solution worth considering for long-term smokers who are unable to quit tobacco.