Top 10 E-Cigarette Myths Debunked

Posted by Matt O'Donnel on Mar 5th 2014

E-Cigarette Myths Debunked

So you've been enjoying your e-cigarette for awhile or you're thinking about putting down your cancer sticks and trying a healthier alternative. Either way, chances are that you've heard a lot of naysayers give you a snarky warning or two about electronic cigarettes.

Naysayers have been around forever (some of the first cave drawings were made by skeptics making fun of the usefulness of the wheel) and apparently it's a hobby for people to be skeptical over something without actually doing any research on the product. Back in the day, eating tomatoes was prohibited because people thought they were poisonous and associated with witchcraft. True story.

Below is a top ten list of myths that we've heard about e-cigarettes. We will also provide you some handy links and facts so you can combat the skeptics with cold, hard, factual science that would make Bill Nye or Jesse Pinkman smile.

Myth #10: You're inhaling Anti-Freeze

Ah yes, the ol' tried and true, "you're inhaling antifreeze" argument. People that use this argument remind me of the Water Boy telling his college professor that the reason that an alligator is angry is because he has so many teeth and no toothbrush to brush them with.

Here's your chance to calmly shake your head at them and talk to them like they just graduated kindergarten and are telling you how to file your 10-40 for taxes.

Yes, the vapor that you are smoking has propylene glycol in it, which is also found in antifreeze. Propylene glycol is used in antifreeze to make it NON-LETHAL in case it's accidentally swallowed. It's the exact opposite of being hazardous, it's there to save your life.

Lizard Juice uses pharmaceutical grade, propylene glycol. Why do we use propylene glycol as an ingredient? It's actually a key factor and without it you wouldn't be able to vape at all. Propylene glycol is a liquid until it's warmed up and then it turns into vapor. That's just the thing that's needed for an electronic cigarette to work. The medical field has been using propylene glycol for over 50 years in asthma inhalers and nebulizers. It's also been used for in cosmetics, food and soda. In short, it's perfectly healthy for you and poses no health hazards.

So next time that someone tells you that you're inhaling antifreeze, you can confidently roll your eyes at them and tell them if they've drank a soda today that so have they.

 Propylene Glycol facts

Myth #9: E-Cigarettes give off toxic second hand hand vapor and nicotine

The funny thing about water vapor is that it.... vaporizes. Which means that it dissipates into thin air quite rapidly. Yes there are barely readable amounts of random elements that do get released when you exhale but unlike cigarette smoke that lingers around long enough for other people to catch it, water vapor dissipates extremely fast.  Independent studies have been conducted which shows that the amount of trace nicotine that's exhaled from an e-cigarette is completely non-existent.

No second hand nicotine found with e-cigarettes

Myth #8: That still has nicotine in it and nicotine causes cancer

Sorry to disappoint but nicotine does not cause cancer. At all, nada...zilch. Nicotine is similar to caffeine in the way that it affects our brain but like caffeine it won't cause cancer.

Nicotine Fact's

Myth #7: That battery can explode in your face. 

Sure, that's theoretically possible, in the way that it's theoretically possible for Scarlett Johansson to fall in love with the plumber that comes to her house to fix her sink. Lizard Juice batteries are made from lithium ion cells, (which are in all modern smart phones.) Lithium ion batteries holds their charge better and are a LOT more stable than the old nicad batteries. Nicad batteries are still used by a lot of other e-cig manufacturers so be careful out there.

 Lizard Juice goes the extra mile by incorporating a charger that makes it impossible to overcharge your battery.

Overcharging a lithium ion battery is the number one reason that they fail. Hold the button down on your Lizard Juice e-cig down for over ten seconds. What happened? The battery turned off, making it impossible for the battery to be overcooked. Just another way that we take the extra step to ensure that you're safe.

To summarize, lithium ion batteries can malfunction but only if it's exposed to unusually high temperatures or not used as recommended. Use your Lizard Juice battery with your Lizard Juice charger and you will be set.

Battery malfunctions can happen

Myth #6: E-Cigs Are Too Bulky

Tactical Vape

Now, we all know that e-cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes. We've all been out in public and seen some that make us raise an eyebrow and wondered if the 2 foot long device that the person is vaping from doubles as a personal protection device. At Lizard Juice, we steer clear from that sector and focus on the practical. In fact, our newest product, the Sleek is our smallest yet, while giving off a lot of flavor and a huge plume of smoke.

Myth #5: You don't know what's in that thing

Yes, yes we do know what's in our favorite bottle of Lizard Juice, thank you very much. Now I know that you wouldn't carry around the box that your Lizard Juice came in just to prove the naysayers wrong, but at Lizard Juice, we take the extra step to list our ingredients right on the box. Let's see what it says here..

Vegetable glycerine (Sorry, this does not count towards a serving of vegetables a day, go drink some tomato juice) Propylene glycol ( that "evil" ingredient that is used in inhalers and nebulizers in hospitals) Distilled water ( that one sounds pretty dangerous...better keep it away from children) and natural and artificial flavors.

A fun fact for all your Lizard Juice enthusiasts... all the flavoring found in Lizard Juice besides the Cinnamon found in our Voodoo is natural. We have to use an artificial cinnamon flavor in that liquid. Other than that, Lizard Juice is "tout naturel."

Myth #4: E-Cigarettes aren't FDA approved and therefore aren't safe

The FDA did a three year study on e-cigarettes and couldn't find a legitimate reason to regulate them. That means that they can be sold to anyone who can buy a stick of gum or a soda. Here at Lizard Juice, all but a few of us have human souls and took it upon ourselves to say that we're not going to sell to anyone under 18. Why? Because nicotine is addicting and we're not going to give it to anyone under that's not an adult.

But let's think about this; the federal department that inspects food and beverages studied e-cigs for three years and couldn't find a reason to regulate us. Three years!!! Doesn't that sound like they were trying really hard to find a reason and then finally decided to throw in the towel? They couldn't find a legitimate reason to regulate us but they are still asking permission to lump us into the same category as an actual tobacco product.

Myth #3: You're just going to go back to smoking an actual cigarette

At Lizard Juice we give you the nicotine levels you need and 40 amazing flavors to choose from. If you choose to go back to a real cigarette, it's not because you ran out of options or weren't getting enough nicotine to curb your dependance.

We have an overwhelming multitude of customers that are proud to say how long it's been since they picked up a cigarette. People that have have been smoking for ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty years have found Lizard Juice to be the perfect alternative to tobacco. Our customers love to come into our stores and tell us on Facebook or our website how long it's been since they've picked up a cigarette, thanks to using Lizard Juice as an alternative.

Myth #2: You're still smoking


This argument usually comes from people that are really out of the loop. They're enjoying their cup of coffee, talking to their friend about their neighbor's dog and to their horror, they see a rich plume of smoke emit from someone's lips at the table across from them. Oh the travesty!!!!   For some of these people, there's no explaining the difference of harmful tobacco and flavored, harmless water vapor. You can educate them all day on how there's no tobacco, no tar, no second hand nicotine, nothing carcinogenic inside your electronic cigarette and they will just not be able to grasp how their is a difference.

Myth #1: Those fun flavors are there to attract minors


Let's just put this out here... Lizard Juice doesn't peddle to minors. Period. It doesn't matter if they come in with their parents, grandparents, priest, boy scout leader or orthodontist; even if they just want 0mg of nicotine. It's not going to happen. We do this because we care, and we're responsible.

The reason that we have fruit and dessert flavor is because they taste great. Adults like a variety of flavor just as much as kids do. Why be restricted to inhaling tobacco flavor when you can have a cool and refreshing strawberry or watermelon flavor? The whole appealing to minors is an argument that has absolutely no merit to it when it comes to Lizard Juice.

So there we have it folks, top 10 myths that we hear and the ammo you need to set those naysayers straight.

Feel free to comment below with some of the ridiculous things that you've heard along the way!

#10 Anti-Freeze

#9  E-Cigs give off toxic 2nd hand smoke and nicotine

#8 That still has nicotine in it and nicotine causes cancer

#7 That battery can explode in your face

#6 E-Cigs Are Too Bulky  (tactical vape pic)

#5 You don't know what's in that thing  **Photo of Lizard Juice ingredients**

#4 E-Cigs aren't FDA approved and therefore aren't safe

#3  You're just going to go back to smoking an actual cigarette

#2 You're still smoking  (skeptical grandma pic )

# 1 Those fun flavors are there to attract minors!!!  ( ice cream truck picture)