3 Tips For Avoiding That Burnt Taste When You Vape

Posted by James on Mar 8th 2016

3 Tips For Avoiding That Burnt Taste When You Vape

Does your MOD have a Burnt Taste? We can Fix that.

Vaping is supposed to be a relaxing experience; it should be something you can enjoy while socializing or whatever you choose to do. But the experience can be rudely interrupted by a distinct burnt taste. Thankfully, this annoyance can be easily prevented with 3 simple tips.  But first...

Why Does It Taste Burnt Anyway? The reason you experience that burnt taste after vaping is usually due to improper heating of the e-liquid inside the tank. The e-liquid, as you know, provides those flavors that you've grown to enjoy.

3 Tips To Avoid That Burnt Taste

Tip #1: Take It Slow The first thing that you should learn to do is to vape slowly. This means that you should avoid dragging. Over-dragging can burn the e-liquid because you're not giving the device enough time to catch up with your demands. Another thing you should avoid is taking quick puffs repeatedly. This way of vaping will produce the same effects as over-dragging.

Tip #2: Do Not Overload Another reason why you may be having this issue is because you're using too much e-liquid. You need to make sure that you're using the recommended amount of e-liquid and not any more. When you add too much, this may cause your device to work harder to handle the massive volume of e-liquid. This may cause your device to overheat due to the excess volume, or it may heat up the e-liquid unevenly, which could easily lead to burnt e-liquid.

Tip #3: Be Sure To Clean Your Vaper The other thing that you've to remember is that you must clean out any e-liquid residue before adding new fluid. The old e-liquid has been heated a few times, so it is on the verge of burning if it has not already. You can use a recommended cleaner to remove residue, or you can use a mixture of 1 tablespoon of baking soda and a cup of water to clean properly. You can also just use hot water to rinse off any residue. Failure to clean your vapor, especially if you have experienced the burnt aftertaste will continue to produce the same results.

You can clearly see that there are a few things that you can do to avoid that aftertaste by simply handling your vapor and e-liquid correctly. But the good things in life require a little effort, and you know it's worth it.