The Cost of Vaping: Sub ohm vs Positive ohm

Posted by Big J on Jun 16th 2017

The Cost of Vaping: Sub ohm vs Positive ohm

For those of you wondering if there’s a big price difference between vaping a sub ohm device and a positive ohm device I’m here to give you the bad news. The easy answer is yes. The hard answer is exactly how much more expensive it is to vape sub ohm than positive ohm. There are so many of each types of device on the market that putting an exact amount on anything is futile. The best I can do is give you a reasonable idea of cost and why there’s such a price gap.

Sub ohm vaping:

Vaping with a sub-ohm device is going to be the more expensive route by far. Sub ohm devices themselves range in price from $20-$30 to $100’s of dollars when you get into the realm of custom authentic devices. These custom devices can be made to your specific wants, needs, and desires and like anything else that’s custom it’s going to cost you. Even if you purchase a “cheaper” sub ohm mod your e-liquid consumption will skyrocket. Most sub ohm tanks on the market are designed to provide maximum cloud and flavor. Well that cloud has to come from somewhere and it comes from consuming your e-liquid at a much greater rate than a positive ohm tank. The e-liquids used in a sub ohm device tend to be more expensive and contain lower amounts of nicotine than those commonly used in positive ohm devices. The reason the nicotine content is lower is again due to the rate at which the e-liquid is vaporized. Sub ohm coils are very powerful and can vaporize significantly more nicotine per puff. In layman’s terms, a 6mg juice in a sub ohm device roughly equates to an 18mg to 24mg juice in a positive ohm device. That said, I have encountered my fair share of people who vape 24mg menthol in a sub ohm device but I don’t have those super human lungs.

So as far as the cost of sub ohm vaping, you will probably be investing at least $50 into a device. You can easily spend another $50 for the tank to go on top of that device. Add in coils at $5-$7 each with a lifespan of only a week sometimes. Juice, if you go with premium, is roughly $1 per milliliter and it’s easily achievable to go through 15ml a day. I can personally go through 30ml a day easily. Let’s not forget batteries, most devices will require 1 or more 18650 batteries at about $7 each for a quality product. In short, sub ohm vaping can easily cost you a few hundred dollars a month. It is definitely more for the hobbyist who has quit smoking and not for the beginner vaper.

Positive ohm vaping:

Positive ohm vaping is a much more economical way to go to quit smoking if you are on a budget. Starter devices with positive ohm coils are plentiful and can be found for $20-$30 for a quality device. The positive ohm devices tend to be easier to operate and can be operated with just the push of a button. These positive ohm kits are specifically designed to provide a vape experience more akin to smoking by giving off a small to medium cloud and employing a more restrictive mouth to lung style hit. Positive ohm devices are perfect for e-liquids using a higher nicotine content, such as 18mg and 24mg, which are commonly used to ween smokers off cigarettes. Even if you buy the pieces separately you will find the batteries and positive ohm tanks usually under $20 for each piece and they will be made by reputable manufacturers. The true savings will come via juice consumption. Positive ohm coils use very little e-liquid while still delivering a satisfying puff. Since there isn’t much juice used you will find the higher nicotine e-liquids come in smaller bottles, normally 10ml to 15ml, and therefore cost less. You will still pay roughly $1 per milliliter for premium e-liquid but you will find it lasts quite a while.

So, the overall cost of positive ohm vaping. Well like I said, you can pick up a quality device for $20-$30 dollars. A 15ml bottle of juice that may last as long as a week is about $15 dollars. Coils, which can last weeks and up to a month depending on usage, will only run you $2-$5 dollars each depending on where you get them. And that’s about it. A pack a day smoker can spend less than $100 a month on vaping by using a positive ohm device. It really is that cheap and simple.