The CDC: Spreading Lies About Secondhand Vapor Exposure

Posted by Matt O'Donnel on May 31st 2017

The CDC: Spreading Lies About Secondhand Vapor Exposure

Looks like our wonderful government agencies are at it again! A new and false claim from the CDC states that secondhand vapor is dangerous. When I first saw this, I actually began to laugh my ass off, considering this statement was proven false just a few weeks ago! It seems as if the CDC doesn’t pay much attention to the news or research done on these products, but yet wants to release claims that have already been debunked. Let’s take a look at what they have to say!

A study, which was published in the journal Preventing Chronic Disease earlier this week, the CDC had researchers who released the results from a US SURVEY. This survey was meant to gather public opinion about the dangers of secondhand vapor exposure for children. Again, here we go with the children argument again. The results that were obtained stated that “5.3% if adults said that secondhand vapor caused ‘no harm’, 39.9% reported ‘little harm’, 21.5% said ‘a lot of harm’, and 33.3% said they’re ‘unsure’.”

But where is the proof in this? This is literally a biased survey based upon public opinion. Since our government and mass media is trying to connect vaping and smoking, the general public have the opinion that it’s one in the same, without any real proof. On the contrary, the vaping advocates, scientists, and researchers who are actually studying the vaping industry have found no evidence of any secondhand harm from vapor. So why is the CDC trying to claim otherwise?

The next statement released by the CDC states that it’s just the smokers and vapers who believe that secondhand vapor is less harmful or harmless. Take a look at this excerpt from the study:

“Current cigarette smokers and EVP users had greater odds of reporting that exposure to secondhand EVP aerosol causes “no harm” or “little harm” or “some harm” to children compared with never cigarette smokers and never EVP users. However, scientific evidence indicates that EVP aerosol exhaled into the air potentially exposes nonusers to aerosolizednicotine and other harmful and potentially harmful substances, including heavy metals, ultrafine particulates, and volatile organic compounds.”

So, this tells me that the CDC thinks that we are just plain wrong. Well, hate to break it to you guys over at the CDC, but research came out just a few weeks ago that proved there was nothing harmful about second hand vapor. You can read all about this study by clicking here.

Why is the general public still listening to all the lies thrown at us by the mass media and the government? Have we not realized that our government is not looking out for society’s public safety? They are corrupt people that are more worried about their bank accounts than helping any of us. So, next time you think about listening and agreeing about whatever they decide to say next, do some research and find out the truth! Vape On!