The 20700 Battery: The Next Big Boom Or Bust?

Posted by Big J on Jul 13th 2017

The 20700 Battery: The Next Big Boom Or Bust?

Some of you might know what I'm talking about and others might think I've lost my mind. But yes, you heard me correctly, there might be a new battery in town. The 18650 is probably the most common battery in vaping along with the 26650. But that's about it unless you want to talk lipos. But here comes IJoy with a 20700 3000mah battery. The real question is will it be a boom or a bust? Let's talk this out and weigh some pros and cons.

20700 Battery Cons

Normally I'd start with the pros here but I'm still trying to find a few more. So until then let's discuss the cons. Physical size has to be the first obvious con. These batteries won't fit in pretty much 99% of the equipment on the market today. This means you'll have to build a device yourself to fit these batteries or wait around for the hardware manufacturers to catch up. IJoy has a device out called The Captain and there are a handful of others out as well.But it's such a niche market right now that I can't really take it seriously. I've scoured the internet and there are rumors that some of the other big players in the hardware game are going to release some 20700 mods in the near future but I have yet to see them come to market. I'm also a little confused as to whether or not the market really needs a 20700 battery. Like I said, I'm having a hard time finding some pros that have any "wow" factor. Now you could be sitting there screaming at the screen about all the positives to these batteries but this is just my opinion. Extra battery life doesn't impress me that much anymore. At this point I think I have at least a dozen sets of married 18650's so an extra hour or two of vaping on a set of batteries really means nothing to me. The fact that I have that limited choice of devices to choose from to even try the frickin' things is not winning any awards in my book either.

20700 Battery Pros 

Well, I guess there are a few pros to these batteries. I'll state the obvious and say that they last a little longer due to their size. You also get a true 30-40 amp output from a 3000mah 20700 unlike a 3000mah 18650. I didn't make this up, I got the info from Mooch who is considered "The Guy" when it comes to batteries for vaping. Another pro is that other manufacturers are looking to make 20700 battery mods. How long that will take though I have no idea. Another pro is that you shouldn't have to get a new external charger for the 20700 as most of the big name chargers will accommodate the 20700 already. I looked on the back of my Intellicharger and it was listed there so I guess that's one less thing I have to buy.


I can't really make a definitive conclusion until I get some in my hand. Right now my personal opinion is that they seem like a lot of hype. There's nothing mind blowing to me about these batteries and again I just don't see the need. I mean I watch a lot of Shark Tank and they are always saying a great idea comes out of necessity. I just don't see the necessity for this product in the current marketplace. I think the idea will fizzle out before enough hardware comes to market to make the 20700 viable. And for those reasons, I'm out.