Stop Confusing Vaping With Smoking!

Posted by Matt O'Donnel on Sep 8th 2015

Stop Confusing Vaping With Smoking!

One of the major mistakes people make, is believing that vaping is the same as smoking, which anybody with even a little knowledge of vaping will know is completely false. Vaping is often confused with smoking because the act of inhaling nicotine is part of both process, but vaping has many major differences and advantages for the vaper and those around them. Stop Confusing Vaping With Smoking!Click To Tweet A major problem for vaper's who want to make sure those around them understand the differences between the two actions is the use of terminology that tends to link the two in the minds of those with little understanding of vaping.

Let's begin with a little bit of science, which has proven the fact that smoking is far more dangerous than vaping. In any traditional cigarette, the many different ingredients included in the product makes it extremely dangerous to the smoker and those around them who can be harmed by the toxic chemicals released. Amongst the dangerous chemicals released by a traditional cigarette are ammonia, benzene and the radioactive chemical known as 'polonium'. In contrast, a vaper inhales just a small handful of chemicals, which include nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol are both used in medications and everyday products to make them some of the least harmful chemicals on the market.

When the first vaping equipment was created in Japan, the hardware was termed an 'electronic cigarette', which gives the impression that the equipment is similar in style to a traditional cigarette. Vaping sees the nicotine liquid held in a cartridge vaporized and not burned, which calls into question whether vaping should even be termed smoking in any way.

Instead of linking smoking and vaping, it's important for vapers to change the way the language they use for it and refer to inhaling nicotine as vaping, instead of smoking. Nothing's burned during vaping, which means the air around a vaper isn't filled with smoke, but a small amount of water vapor filled with the flavors of the nicotine liquid is released into the atmosphere.

Vaping has reduced the level of antisocial behavior linked to smoking traditional cigarettes, which should be accompanied by vapers showing the world they're no longer smokers in any sense of the word.