Simple Answers To Common Vape Questions

Posted by Big J on Jul 12th 2017

Simple Answers To Common Vape Questions

From my time working in the vape shops I have come across several common questions from new and experienced vapers alike. The interesting part is all the different answers I've heard to the same question. Well I figured I would put my knowledge and experience to work and throw my 2 cents into the hat as well. So here are Big J's simple answers to common vape questions.

How Long Will This Bottle Of Juice Last? 

There are only a couple variables that will affect this answer really. So to keep this answer as simple as possible let's set the baseline. We will base our numbers on the usage of a device with a positive ohm coil (which most starter kits come with) and a basic 15ml bottle of e-liquid. In this case 1.5ml of e-liquid is equivalent to a pack of cigarettes. By that math a 15ml bottle is equivalent to a carton of the stinkies. This should be a good baseline for you to start at. If you find yourself going through a 15ml bottle quicker than you would a carton of cigarettes you may want to bump your nicotine level up a bit to bring your usage down. This math only applies to positive ohm devices because once you get to sub ohm the variables just become too great. So, just to make it more visually pleasing, here's the math simplified:

1.5ml = 1 pack of cigarettes

1.5ml x 10 (amount of packs in a carton) = 15ml

15ml of e-liquid = 1 carton of cigarettes

So the quick answer is, a 15ml bottle of juice should last you about the same amount of time as a carton of cigarettes did providing you are using a positive ohm device.

How Long Will This Device Last?

Again, there are a few variables but I'll try to simplify them the best I can. Devices can be broken down into two basic categories, ones with internal batteries and ones with removable batteries. Let's start with internal battery devices. An internal battery device is one that has a non-removable battery. While they are great for starter devices, don't expect them to last forever. You will get anywhere from 6 months to a year of use from that device before the battery just won't charge anymore. In all honesty, the charge port will probably fail before the battery does. And when it's done it's done, there is no replacing the internal battery. A device with removable batteries is basically a shell to put your batteries into. These devices can last much longer if taken care of properly. You may have to replace the batteries eventually but the device itself can continue working for a year or longer. Chances are you will upgrade to another device before your current removable battery device gives up the ghost.

Why Do I Need An External Battery Charger If My Device Has A Charge Port?

Does your device have a charge port? Yes. Will it charge the batteries in your device? Yes. Will it charge your batteries properly? Nope. And there is the issue. Charging your batteries in your device is more of a "in case of vape emergency" type thing. Chances are that port is there for firmware upgrades and the charging option was just a nice afterthought. The batteries will charge in the device but they won't charge evenly. Most devices don't have an internal regulator to distribute the charge equally to each battery. It's more like dump a bunch of electricity in there and whichever battery catches it wins. With an external charger however you don't have to worry about all that. An external charger provides an equal amount of charge to each battery until they are full. The external charger then maintains that charge until your batteries off and use them. External battery chargers are also the ideal way to "marry" a set of batteries together for your device. By marrying a set of batteries it helps ensure you get the most life and usage time out of both batteries before requiring another charge. So don't be cheap, get an external charger. It will save you money in the long run by making your batteries last longer.

Can I Use Vaping To Quit Chewing Tobacco/Snuff?

It's a common misconception that vaping only helps cigarette smokers quit their habit. I've personally had quite a few customers come in and ask me if vaping can help them quit the chew and the simple answer is yes. Chewing tobacco and snuff have nicotine in them just like cigarettes. With the appropriate device and nicotine level a chewer can become a vaper quite easily. If you miss the feel of the chew or pouch in your mouth just throw some gum in there to simulate the feeling. When you have your nicotine craving just take a few drags off your device and you're golden. E-liquids come in a variety of flavors so it's quite possible you can find one that's pretty close to the flavor of your chew or tobacco. It might be a little weird at first but trust me, the process works.

So there you have a few simple answers to some common vape questions. Check back often to see if I answer any other questions you might have. If you'd like to see your question answered just drop them in the comments below!