Share The Truth & Save A Life

Posted by Seth Michael on Oct 17th 2019

Share The Truth & Save A Life

Studies show that vaping helps 50,000 smokers quit cigarettes every single year, but with the recent panic, many of them are reverting back to cigarettes. It's important that we 'Share The Truth & Save a Life'.

  • CDC | Breakthrough Finding Made. 

    CDC Vape Breakthrough finding
    • U.S. health officials finally have a potential breakthrough in the vaping illness outbreak. Narrowing in on vitamin E acetate as the potention toxin of concern. The same ingredient found in some black-market THC cartridges.
  • This Morning | Is It Safe to Vape?. 

    • Dr. Zoe talks about the recent illnesses and bans in the US.
  • CBS This Morning | Public Health Expert On Vaping. 

    • While news breaks of reports lung illnesses related to vaping, Public Health experts worry the e-cigarette panic is going to ruin the single biggest health opportunity we've had to combat tobacco cigarettes in 125 years.
  • Bloomberg | CDC Links Vaping THC to Lung Illness

    • Bloomberg's, Craig Giammona, goes on-air to discuss the CDC and their reports that point to THC Vaping Products as the culprit to the recent outbreak of vape related illnesses.
  • FDA | Issues Warning To Stop Using THC Vape Products

    • The FDA is now issuing a warning for all consumers to stop using THC vaping products. Recent illnesses related to vaping have been linked back to black-market THC products.
  • Lizard Juice | Share The Truth & Save A Life

    • With the current landscape of the vaping industry, and all of the false information that's been tossed around; it's a must that we give you an update on the flavor ban. Here's what we can do to push through this thing!
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