Pet Friendly Vaping Techniques

Posted by Matt O'Donnel on Apr 10th 2017

Pet Friendly Vaping Techniques
For all of us pet owners, the question “Is vaping around my pet okay?’ has come across our minds at least once or twice. Whether you have researched it online or asked your local shop employee, the answer is yes. Vaping around your pets is safe, but you still want to be cautious when doing so. Here are a few pet friendly vaping tips to help avoid harming your pets!
  • Keep E-Juice Away

    • Nicotine is extremely poisonous to pets if ingested. While most bottles are childproof, they are not pet proof. Keep your bottles out of reach of your pets.
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  • Keep Devices Locked Up

    • Again, these devices are not pet proof. Most people have tanks which are made of pyrex glass. Pets can easily break these with their teeth. So, now your pet has glass and e-juice in his/her mouth. Not a good combination.
  • Ventilation

    • While it’s okay to vape around them, you want to make sure if you are inside that there is good ventilation. Not enough research is here to show how long nicotine lingers in the air, which could be potentially harmful to pets.
  • Battery Safety

    • Keep any and all batteries away from your pets. This should be a common sense practice, as batteries can be dangerous when damaged.
  • Mishaps

    • If any mishap occurs, call your vet and take your pet to the nearest animal hospital ASAP!
It has been proven that dogs usually love the smell of the vapor and sometimes chase the clouds. While they enjoy chasing the clouds, try to not have them lick the vapor. Cats are also attracted to VG, but since most juices have PG, it is better to keep them away since PG can be harmful to cats. When vaping around your pets, using these pet friendly vaping techniques can be life-saving for your fur babies! Stay safe and Vape On! If any serious incident happens, call your vet, closest animal hospital, or use the Pet Poison Helpline (1-800-213-6680).