How To Vape On A Budget

Posted by Big J on Aug 3rd 2017

How To Vape On A Budget

Let's face it folks, not all of us have $100's of dollars to spend on our vape supplies every month. Chances are you quit smoking cigarettes not only for the health benefits but also to lighten the load on your bank account. For those of you who have figured out a vape budget AND STICK TO IT I applaud you. For those of you who haven't figured it out yet I hope this article will help. I'm going to share a few websites for both equipment and juice to see if I can help you guys save a few bucks. Some of these sites may require a little planning on your part but hey, I have faith in you.


Equipment - These guys have a really nice selection of the newest hardware for some really nice prices. Their Clearance section has some pretty sweet deals with some starter kits as low as $10. Granted, the Clearance section might not be the newest stuff on the market but let's get back to the real reason you're there, you're on a budget. They still work and they're still a quality device. Chances are the only reason you're finding it in the Clearance section is simply because it isn't brand new. I've personally used this site and their shipping is pretty dam quick too. I had my Velocity clone in like 2 days and it was only $12. VapeNW also offers juices if you're tempted, but trust me I have some better deals for you. - Now let me start by saying Fasttech is a Chinese distributor. You are going to wait a while for your stuff to show up. I've been using them on and off for a couple years and shipping is really hit or miss. Sometimes I have my stuff in a week, sometimes it takes a month. BUT the prices are pretty good depending on what you're looking at. If you can be patient on the shipping you can get some pretty good deals. Last thing I ordered from them was some Marvel battery wraps and some tank stands. I got 7 tank stands and 30 battery wraps for like $7 shipped. And it only took about 10 days to get here. Beware of anything with the word "styled" in the description because that means it's a clone. Fasttech is now offering authentic mods and equipment now as well. It's well worth checking out if you're on a budget. - This site is more of a mish mash of everything. The site is basically a landing page that companies submit their sales to and they post it all in one place. This sounds great if you have the time to sit and sort through everything. They do have a search bar icon hidden in the upper right if there's something specific you are looking for. If you use the search bar option you'll get a list of any current deals on the product you're looking for. Like I said earlier, VapingCheap is just a landing page so expect to be redirected to the page of the company that is actually offering the sale. Also, make sure you check the price of the item you're looking at as it may have changed from the listing on VapingCheap. If you can get past all that you'll find that this site actually offers some really good deals on hardware and juice.

Juices - If you're not as concerned about hardware but blow through juice like there's no tomorrow I strongly suggest checking these guys out. They have 120ml bottles for $23 bucks that are always mix and match BOGO. 240ml for $23 bucks plus shipping is a steal. They have a 4.5 star rating so they must be doing something right. I've personally tasted all their juices and I gotta say they really don't taste budget to me. Their gimmick is pretty entertaining and they seem to have a very loyal following for being a relatively new company. The only downside is theiy only have 7 flavors to choose from but trust me, you can find one you like. 

Humblejuiceco -  If you can get past the intro music and pseudo rap video on the first page you can actually find some pretty good deals on juices. This was the first budget brand I tried and the flavors were pretty good. If you like fruity vapes I definitely recommend the Donkey Khan. Personally I'd say stay away from their Havoc line as I didn't have a very pleasant experience with the ones I tried, they had a very chemical taste even after steeping. Humble also runs several BOGO deals with 2 60ml bottles for about $18 bucks. If you want bigger bottles the price obviously goes up. But still, their prices are well under "premium" pricing and the juice is good.

TheSauceLA - Again, big bottles for a good price. The Sauce LA has a pretty decent selection of flavors so you should be able to find something that fits your vaping needs. If you want to try a decent sampling of their flavors you can get the 5 pack sampler for $20 bucks which gives you 5 30ml bottles of their top sellers. If you get into the bigger bottles it does get a little expensive but still a little under the "premium" standard. The most expensive pack is their 12 bottle mix and match 1,440ml sampler for $200 bucks. Now before you say $200!!! please realize that's 1,440ml of juice! That should last you quite a while! Like I said, they aren't the cheapest but it's good stuff.