Florida About to Fail Vapers - Take Action NOW!

Posted by David C. Baker on Mar 14th 2018

Florida About to Fail Vapers - Take Action NOW!
Florida About to Fail Vapers - Take Action NOW!

A Cloud of Smoke for the Sunshine State

Come November, Florida may pass a constitutional amendment that will severely restrict where vaping devices can be used.

In Florida, it is against the law to smoke inside a business, but there's no law against vaping. A proposal before the Constitution Revision Commission calls for an indoor vaping ban. If pushed through, it would appear on the ballots leaving it up to voters to decide.

According to an article published by a local Fox affiliate in Tallahassee, Commissioner Lisa Carlton, the proposal's sponsor, said that the proposal is not about whether a person should vape or not, but rather, it's about where.

"I think it's time to clean up our restaurants, our malls, our movie theaters, our workplaces, so we can all breathe clean air again," Carlton said.

Carlton cited a 2016 Surgeon General's report detailing health risks and suggesting an e-cigarette ban for indoor workplaces (like the State Capitol, for example) where it's still allowed.

Outdated and Out of Step

Since the Surgeon General's report was published, new studies have come out concluding that vaping is 95% safer than tobacco cigarettes. One has to wonder why Commissioner Carlton is ignoring current medical research in favor or outdated data? It is interesting to note that Carlton is from Sarasota County which has a history of banning products like Kratom which has been shown to be helpful and beneficial to those seeking relief from pain and addiction.

And what about the many Florida vapers who rely upon e-cigs to keep them from going back to smoking? If vaping is added to the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act, vapers would be forced to go outside with the smokers. This will expose them to the same cancer-causing toxins that they started vaping to get away from in the first place.

Sadly, this amendment seems to be gaining support. Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi said Tuesday, “We are just keeping up with technology.”

Again, one has to wonder how someone can be "keeping up with technology" but be falling so far behind in the latest research.

The Time to Act is NOW!

The Constitution Revision Commission’s Style and Drafting Committee is reviewing the amendment as of the publishing of this article. If cleared, a final vote by the commission it will appear on the November ballot. From there it will require the support of at least 60 percent of voters to pass.

Readers, we cannot allow this to come to pass. The time for all of us to sit back and let clueless bureaucrats pass laws that will contribute to the deaths of 7 million lives each year from tobacco-related illnesses is OVER. We must act and act NOW.

Contact Commissioner Carlton and tell her that how you quit smoking through vaping. Tell her that to force you to go outside with the smokers would be tantamount to an alcoholic going into a bar. Send her the link to the article cited above that proves vaping is 95% safer than smoking. Thanks to the propaganda smear campaigns of the past spearheaded by Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and the FDA, the majority of non-vapers out there STILL believe that vaping is just as bad or worse than tobacco cigarettes. These people are the same ones who will be voting in November to tell you where you can and cannot vape. We can't let this happen.

Contact Commissioner Lisa Carlton:

Phone: (941) 218-0142

Email: Lisa.Carlton@flcrc.gov

Click here for Commissioner Carlton's Web Page Link

Contact Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi:

Phone: 1-866-966-7226

Click here for Attorney General Bondi's Email Link

Mailing address:
Office of Attorney General
State of Florida
The Capitol PL-01
Tallahassee, FL 32399-1050

For the sake of our health, we can't let them win.