Down Tobacco Road Part III - Strange Bedfellows

Down Tobacco Road Part III - Strange Bedfellows

Posted by David C. Baker on Sep 20th 2017

Down Tobacco Road Part III - Strange Bedfellows

By now, the battle lines had been drawn. On one side you had smokers desperate to quit and, on the other side, you had Big Tobacco fighting hard to keep them smoking. Caught between this clash of titans was a burgeoning e-cig industry struggling to make its mark on the world. Smokers wanted to try vaping to curb their tobacco habit. Meanwhile, Big T was spreading misinformation about vaping while simultaneously developing vape products of their own! The tobacco industry is a Goliath with billions of dollars behind it and plucky young shepherds armed with slingshots are thin on the ground nowadays. But these were not the only players on the field.

Then Along Came a Spider

When you think of the pharmaceutical industry, many things may come to mind. In a purely altruistic world it is an innovation-based industry devoted to the creation of life-saving medications to alleviate human pain and suffering. In reality, it is a trillion-dollar business and, as we all know, the purpose of a business is to make money. On the surface, one could think that Big Pharma would be against Big Tobacco. After all, tobacco smoking is a proven health risk, known to cause cancer, and Big Pharma is supposed to be in the business of helping people get and stay healthy, right? When you follow the money, a closer look reveals that cancer treatment is a 100 billion dollar industry.

Eliminating tobacco from the equation, while good for public health, would be a staggering revenue loss for Big Pharma. Why? Big Pharma would suffer a 6 billion dollar loss of revenue that was generated by all the FDA-approved smoking cessation products they make such as patches, pills, lozenges, and gums. So here we have one industry whose product is known to cause cancer, and another industry that makes products that will either help you stop using said product or treat you for cancer should the aforementioned product cause you get it. A threat to Big Tobacco is a threat to the pocketbooks of Big Pharma and the new electronic cigarette industry was the biggest threat to come down the pipe in history.

As the old sayings go, the enemy of my enemy is my friend and war makes for strange bedfellows.

The Time To Wake Up Is NOW!

The rabbit hole goes far, far deeper than this. Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and the FDA are in collusion with each other at the risk of public health. An estimated 1 billion people will have died this century from smoking-related illness. Vaping has been proven to be at LEAST 95% safer than smoking tobacco. Yet, government agencies that are supposedly in place to protect the health and well-being of the public are playing money games with our lives by trying to either destroy or control the vaping industry.

In 2016, director Aaron Biebert filmed a documentary called A Billion Lives. In it, he and his crew dive deep into the cesspool that is the collusion between Big Tobacco, Big Pharma, and the FDA. If vaping has changed your life, if the idea of our government playing games with your life sickens you, if you feel that your health would be in jeopardy if vaping products were banned tomorrow, I encourage you to see this film and share it with others. Learn and advocate. Speak up and fight. We are all in this together.

Don’t let the bastards win.