The True Cost of Vaping

Posted by Matt O'Donnel on Oct 12th 2016

The True Cost of Vaping

Can Vaping Save You Money?

Hey guys, let's talk about the cost of vaping compared to the cost of smoking. Most smokers out there have been smoking for 5 or more years, and are normally smoking about a pack of cigarettes per day. Those who do smoke less are quite lucky. Now, would you like to save a bunch of money without quitting the habit? I know I would be pretty excited about saving money, because let's be honest, who doesn’t want more money? So here I'm going to break down the cost of smoking and compare it to the cost of vaping.

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The average pack of cigarettes costs about $6/pack. If you smoke at least a pack per day, you are spending at least $42/week. In a month, a pack/day smoker spends at least $160; in a year, he/she is spending upwards of $2000 on average! That’s absolutely INSANE!

Let's move to the cost of vaping. Now, before anything else, I will say making the switch seems expensive at first, but that’s because you have to buy equipment and juice. The average starter vape goes for $25-$35. The average price for a 15ml bottle of e-juice goes for $12 (a 15ml bottle is about the equivalent to just over a carton of cigarettes). So for about what you pay in a week for cigarettes, you would be paying for your first week or more of vaping. Not too scary, huh?

Once you have made the initial purchases, the amount of money you spend drastically decreases. You went from spending about $6/day to about $10/week (if you are using a bottle of juice a week). Most tanks will have replaceable coils that normally last about 2 weeks. The average price of a coil is $5. So, if you use 1 15ml bottle per week and need two coils a month, your total cost is $50/month, compared to $160/month while smoking.

Cigarettes vs Vape Cost Breakdown:

That’s a savings of over $1400! Can you think of a few things you could do with an extra $1400/year? Tell me how much you have saved in the comments below!