Coil Building 204: Alien Coils

Posted by Matt O'Donnel on Feb 22nd 2017

Coil Building 204: Alien Coils

For those of you who have mastered the fused clapton coil, here’s a more challenging twist! The Alien Coil! It’s performance is about the same as the fused clapton, but it’s a very pretty build that will impress all of your vape friends! It is quite challenging to get this build perfect, but it is definitely worth the effort! Here is how you can build your own Alien Coils!

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Tools Needed: (Again, I always use the Coil Master)20170203_125131

Step 1: Cut and Straighten Wire

  • To successfully make great Alien Coils, you need A LOT of wire! Depending on how many core wires (usually 2-3) cut about 16-24 inches of your lower gauge wire (This is my 24g). I say 16-24 inches because I use 8 inches of wire to make 2 good coils. 
  • Take that wire and secure one end into the drill while holding the other end with your pliers. Fire the drill for about 3-5 seconds to straighten.


Step 2: Clapton

  • This build requires 2 different clapton processes. You will take your higher gauge wire (This is my 32g) and cut off about 4 feet (i usually cut more than I need just to be safe).
  • You will have to clapton ONE of your 2 or 3 core wires(after you have cut them into segments). This should be easy for those who have mastered the clapton coil!


Step 3: Degut the Clapton and Stretch It Out

  • After you finished your clapton coil, you are going to remove the clapton portion from the core. Simply slide the wire out.
  • Once degutted, stretch the clapton out. You only want to stretch it until it starts giving you resistance. If you stretch it too much, this build will not work. Finding the sweet spot for this is the hardest part of this build.

20170203_130042 20170203_130140

Step 4: Clapton Again!

  • Now that you have your stretched out wire, place your core wires into the drill. You are going to clapton the 2-3 core wires with the stretched out wire from earlier! This part can be very tricky! You do not need to apply much pressure to the clapton, just guide it throughout the clapton process!

20170203_130221 img_-osr80d

Step 5: Wrap, Wick, and Vape!

  • Once the wire is perfectly made, all that’s left is wrapping, wicking, and vaping! If you are reading this tutorial, I assume you know how to correctly install your new coils and wicks.


There you have it! Your very own Alien Coils! Enjoy your new building skill and Vape On! If you attempt this build, leave some photo comments or just comments below! 


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