Best Vape Tanks of 2020

Posted by Matt O'Donnel on Jul 31st 2018

Best Vape Tanks of 2020
Let’s face it, everyone wants to know what the best tank on the market is. If you try searching for best vape tank, you come to these websites that are pay-for-play and will endorse any tank that is popular or that they are paid to be put on their site. Well, this list has been created with the help of the members of Vape Nation, a Facebook group that currently has 38,000+ members and is growing rapidly. Out of all the responses, these were the top 5 best vape tanks of 2020! Best Vape Tanks of 2019Click To Tweet
  1. Smok TFV-12 TankSmok TFV12 Cloud Beast King

    • Yep, we all should have known this tank would make the list. Smok is currently the reigning champ in vape popularity right now. More and more people are switching to the TFV12 than any other tank on the market, and most are loving it! This tank will definitely chuck some serious clouds! If you can recall, this tank made another one of my lists, which you can find here!
  2. Smok TFV8 Baby Beast TankSmok Micro TFV8 Baby Beast

    • Of course a second Smok Tank comes in at #2. This is the mini version of the TFV8 and it performs just as well! Only downside to this tank is that with the small juice capacity, you will find yourself refilling it quite a bit. The flavor is great and the vapor production is quite surprising!
  3. Aspire Cleito Sub-Ohm TankAspire Cleito

    • Ahh, an old favorite of mine! In my opinion, this is the absolute best all-around tank you can find! With fantastic vapor and flavor, it’s almost incomparable to anything else! The new EXO Cleito was pretty high on the list, too. It’s basically the same tank, but with a new look (Much more protective around the glass). This tank easily brings out the best flavor of your e-juice! The Cleito has definitely earned the #3 spot on the best vape tanks of 2020 list.
  4. Aspire Cleito 120 Sub-Ohm TankAspire Cleito 120

    • I was actually surprised that this tank make the list! While I love the 120, many people have pushed it away, ever since Smok started making their name. The Cleito 120 is a more powerful Cleito. It gives much more vapor without sacrificing flavor! Definitely a tank that any cloud chaser would love, which is why it grabbed the #4 spot of best vape tanks of 2020!
  5. Tobeco Super Tank Mini

    • Coming out of left field, Tobeco makes it in the #5 spot! The Super Tank Mini is one of the most durable tanks I have ever come across. Most like this tank because it is small and gives amazing flavor! Cloud production is decent, but seriously, this thing is built to last! I’ve personally witnessed a co-worker throw this tank and hit a brick wall, and it was completely fine!
There you have it! One of the first unbiased “Best” lists! I have personally tried all of these tanks, and love every one (besides the TFV12- it gives almost no flavor). But, this isn’t an opinion article! This is coming straight from the Vape Community! Those are the top 5 best vape tanks of 2020 according to our peers! Comment below and tell us if we should add anything!