Best RDAs of 2020

Posted by Matt O'Donnel on Aug 1st 2018

Best RDAs of 2020
This list was probably my favorite “best of” list to compile data for! If you know me, I am big into building coils and love testing out hundreds of RDAs! Without any further waiting, here is the unbiased list of best RDAs of 2020 (voted on by employees of Lizard Juice and members of Vape Nation) Best RDAs of 2017Click To Tweet
  1. Goon RDA by 528 Customs

    • Easily the most popular RDA on the market, so it’s no surprise that this comes in at the #1 spot on the best RDAs of 2020. This is a 2 post clamp style build deck that offers tons of building space! It is perfect for beginners or more advanced builders with the ability to fit many size builds! Definitely a great RDA to have!
  2. Armageddon Apocalypse

    • One of my personal favorite RDAs, the Apocalypse is a Goon clone with better airflow. It’s no wonder why this RDA takes the #2 spot on the best RDAs of 2020, since it was modeled after the Goon, but has better performance (in my opinion). A second RDA with the 2 post clamp style deck, it can fit almost any build. I would definitely recommend this RDA to anyone who enjoys building and using RDAs!
  3. Geekvape Tsunami

    • Image result for tsunami rda v2The Tsunami is a very well known and highly acclaimed RDA. It has a velocity style deck for ease of building. I will have to say that this RDA is definitely in my personal top 5 list for the simple fact that it is easy to build on. More geared towards beginner builders, the deck isn’t quite big enough for more advanced builds (such as alien coils). Overall, this RDA is nicely built and sturdy, making it one of the most popular and loved RDAs on the market!
  4. Mason 30mm

    • Image result for mason 30mm rdaThis is a very large RDA and will have quite a bit of overhang on most mods, but the massive size makes building so much more fun! The size of coils you can shove into this RDA makes it worth buying, especially for more advanced builders! If you are familiar with building, I can fit an Alien Coil wrapped 11 times on one side of the deck! That’s absolutely nuts! This is an extremely fun RDA to use for those advanced builders who enjoy testing the limits! This RDA is my #2 favorite, but it lands at #4 on the best RDAs of 2020 list!
  5. ModFather 30mm

    • Related imageJust catching the #5 spot is the ModFather 30mm RDA. ModFather products are a bit hard to find and pretty exclusive, so it makes sense that this is a crowd favorite! Again, the deck is huge, making building advanced coils even more fun! If you love building and enjoy the bigger, bulkier coils, this RDA is perfect for you! This thing chucks clouds and keeps a good flavor, so overall, it definitely deserves to be on the best RDAs of 2020 list!
Well, if you enjoy building and are a RDA fan, this list will get you what you need! Just be prepared to go through a TON of e-juice! This is the ONLY unbiased top 5 best RDAs of 2017 list voted on by your peers! If you haven’t tried these out, you really should! Vape On!