Best E-cig Starter Kits 2017

Posted by David C. Baker on Jul 29th 2017

Best E-cig Starter Kits 2017

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Making the decision to finally quit smoking can be hard enough. You’ve tried cold turkey and managed to get as far as you could without risking jail time. Patches and gums aren’t working either and you’re worried that tobacco might win this one. You’ve heard about vaping, have actually seen some of the different devices out there, but you have no idea where to begin or what’s right for you.
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Glad you’re here.

Three Things You Need To Switch To Vaping:

  • The right nicotine level. If it’s too low you’ll be in a state of constant craving and be tempted to reach for your ciggies. We recommend you start off with a nicotine level slightly higher than you are used to. If you are getting more nicotine than you are used to, then you are not craving. If you’re not craving, you are less likely to be reaching for your tobacco cigarettes.
  • The right flavor. If it doesn’t taste good you won’t use it and you’ll go right back to smoking.
  • The right device. If it’s too weak it won’t satisfy. If it’s too powerful you’ll choke, gag,

The Right Beginner Vape Kit

So what makes for the “right device”? In our experience, it needs to mimic the feeling of smoking as closely as possible. If you are like most smokers, you inhale a tobacco cigarette by drawing smoke into your mouth, then sucking into the lungs, then exhaling. This is called Mouth-to-lung (MTL from here on) inhaling. A good beginner e-cig kit should not be so powerful that it produces so much vapor that you can’t still inhale MTL. Have you ever chugged a beverage so hard that it HURTS going down because you’re trying to cram too much liquid down the ol’ food pipe? Same concept! If the device produces too much vapor at once, you’ll choke and your body will trigger the cough reflex.

Low-powered/high nicotine is the best way to go for beginners.
So what are the top MTL devices out there to help you get started on your journey to freedom from tobacco? Here are our Top 3 recommendations:

Best Beginner Vape Mods 2017

#3 The Aspire K2 - ONLY $27.95!

If you like the old pen-style ecig, then this one is for you! Great for MTL vaping, the Aspire K2 produces great flavor and vapor whether you vape MTL or DTL (Direct-to-lung).  You can vape it while charging with its convenient pass-through feature which means you don’t have to worry about running out of power in the middle of your day! This is a great kit for those just getting started with vaping. It’s a quick, easy set-up to get you up and vaping quickly. Our very own expert, Big J, did a GREAT honest review on the Aspire K2.

#2 The Boulder Rock - ONLY $14.95!

We freaking love this device! First off, it’s simple to use. The learning curve on this device is so small that you’ll be an expert on how to use it within minutes. It’s lightweight yet sturdy. The Boulder Rock’s steel construction body means you don’t have to worry much should you drop it. Even better, it produces a surprising amount of MTL vapor and flavor for such a small device. Plus, it charges quickly with a built-in USB plug so you don’t have to be without your vape for long waiting for it to recharge! Check out Big J’s GREAT honest review on the Boulder Rock kit.

#1 The Joyetech AIO - ONLY $27.95!

Hands down, this is the best bang-for-your-buck e-cig starter kit. With most starter kits, they come with your typical low-powered beginner coil. They’re great for those just starting out. Eventually, however, most folks want something with more power. Who doesn’t like bigger flavor and clouds! With the Joyetech AIO, it’s like getting two e-cigs in one. Joyetech makes low-powered coils for those who need to vape MTL and more powerful coils for when you graduate to DTL (Direct-to-lung) vaping. It saves you money because there’s no need to buy a whole new kit just because you want more from your e-cig! Plus, its all-in-one tank and battery design means you don’t have to worry about putting it in your pocket, sitting down wrong, and snapping your tank off. It’s built in! With adjustable airflow and a virtually leak-free childproof cap, the Joyetech AIO  is a fantastic kit that grows with you. Big J has a lot to say about this device and even has a tutorial on how to clean and maintain it! Ultimately, the best starter kit is going to be the one that helps you put down tobacco cigarettes for good. There’s always a learning curve – we’ve all been there! Our best advice is to learn all you can and stick to it. You can do this and we’ll be here to help you all along the way.