Apple Shits on Vapers

Posted by Matt O'Donnel on Jan 30th 2017

Apple Shits on Vapers
Apple definitely just pissed off a bunch of it’s customers. Out of the millions of vapers in the world, how many of them use Apple products? Do you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac? Well, if you are a vaper, you should switch right fucking now since the company wants nothing to do with your well-being. Apple Shits on VapersClick To Tweet

The New Stance:

If you are an avid vape enthusiast and use Apple’s products, I’m sure you have come across the Planet of the Vapes (POTV) Forum App. If you haven’t experienced this app yet, it helps new vapers out with questions, provides reviews of products, and offers open discussion forums for all of your vaping questions and answers. Well, when POTV went to update their 3 year old app, Apple shut them down. With the new policy changes, they will no longer accept new vaping apps and will refuse to update current vaping apps. This information was explicitly listed in a notice from Apple to POTV. The notice stated:
“We found that your app facilitates the sale or promotes the use of tobacco or nicotine related paraphernalia, including but not limited to cigarettes, pipes, hookahs, and/or e-cigarettes, which is not permitted on the App Store.”

A Complete Outrage!

They no longer accepting any apps related to tobacco or nicotine at all. You would think with how technology is advancing, this tech savvy company would want to help the millions of customers that use their products to stay safe and be helpful to those who use mods, batteries, and e-juice.

What You Can Do:

Let’s make Apple regret this ridiculous decision of cutting out vaping apps. Millions of people in the US alone use Apple and vaping products (not including the hundreds of millions across the world). I, for one, am going straight to Samsung or Google and buying their phones from now on. I refuse to support a company that doesn’t support my health and well-being! Apple can f*ck off! How do you feel about Apple’s new policy on nicotine and vaping? Leave your comments below!