9 Steps to Fix Your Leaking Baby Beast

Posted by Matt O'Donnel on Feb 14th 2017

9 Steps to Fix Your Leaking Baby Beast
No matter what tank you buy, it is bound to leak at some point. Here’s a list of things to check if your SMOK Baby Beast starts to leak: 9 Steps to Fix Your Leaking Baby BeastClick To Tweet
  • If tank is still leaking after tightening the coil, remove the coil and check the rubber seals. If these are damaged, new seals will be necessary to stop leaking
  • If changing the coil doesn’t stop the leaking, check to see if the coil is screwed in tightly.
  • Check to see if coil is burnt. At the end of a coil’s life, juice can begin to leak through if it’s not vaporized properly. If the coil looks burnt, replace it. This should stop the leaking. (I have noticed more leaking from the .15ohm compared to the 0.4ohm coil)
  • Check to see if glass is chipped or cracked. If this is the case, replace the glass!
  • When you fill the tank, close the airflow holes. This creates a vacuum effect where juice can seep through when filling if they are open. Closing them off when filling the tank can stop the juice from flowing right through.
  • If tank is still leaking, kick your wattage up. The coil may not be getting hot enough to vaporize the liquid properly, which can cause leaking. Check the coil to see what the proper wattage is for firing.
  • Make sure everything is screwed on nice and tight! (be sure you can still unscrew everything without using other tools)
  • When cleaning the tank, take glass off and remove coil. Run all parts, besides the coil, through warm water and dry thoroughly before reassembling.
  • If Tank continues to leak, give it to our YouTube Sensation, Big J, and he will put a bullet through it!
Maintaining your tank and coil is pertinent to vaping! Take care of your tank and it will take care of you! Happy Vaping!