5 Vape Apps That Are Worth Using

Posted by Matt O'Donnel on Apr 19th 2017

5 Vape Apps That Are Worth Using
The Vape industry is growing so fast that not many people can keep up with it all. Over the past few years, many vape apps have been introduced. Some of those, such as the POTV, have been shut down or been denied to update the app. Well, I made a list of my personal top 5 vape apps that are worth using! These apps will help you whether you are a beginner or an advanced DIY vaper!

Vape Boss: (IOS, Android)

Vape Boss is probably the most popular vape app available. It will be one of the first options you see if you Google “Vape App.” While it is a well-established app, it also has many other functions! It is probably the most comprehensive vape app, since it is used as basically a mobile platform for everything vaping. You can find news, shop for new liquids or hardware, connect with others through social media, etc! You can find local shops, search for your favorite e-juice nearby, and even find product reviews! This App can also be licensed and customized by any vaping retail store to promote their own business! This is awesome for those mom and pop shops that could use a little extra traffic! It also gives the shops a chance to be featured retailers, build SEO-driven websites, and much more! 5 Vape Apps That Are Worth UsingClick To Tweet

Vape: (Android)

Yes, this app is just called vape. It is a minimalistic database that can help track your vaping habits (Money saved, calculate expenses, personal stats, etc.). It is a bit more fun, too, with the added achievement milestones, which makes it feel almost game-like. The vape app also has a e-juice recipe and mixing calculator.

Ohm’s Law: (IOS)

Ohm’s Law is one of the most important pieces of information that any vaper should know. Anyone who builds their own coils NEEDS TO UNDERSTAND OHM’S LAW! This does require some basic math skills, so if you aren’t comfortable with a standard calculator, this app is perfect!

The Vape Tool: (IOS, Android)

Out of all the vape apps, this vape app is probably my absolute favorite! It is the perfect all-in-one vape app! With a coil calculator, e-juice mixing and recipe, and ohm’s law calculator, it’s honestly the best vape app for those who don’t like wasting time opening different apps to get the same result.

E-Liquid Calculator: (Android)

This is the only app that you have to pay for on this list, but there is a good reason for that! While all-in-one vape apps are amazing and accurate, if you want the perfect DIY e-juice app, this is for you! Sorry Apple users, this app is only for Android. This is a simple vape app to use, yet it calculates everything! It even makes recommendations on measurements, portion sizes, nicotine, etc! Best of all, once you create your perfect juice, you can save it in the archives! No more guessing on how you perfected it!