5 Types of Wire for Coil Building

Posted by Matt O'Donnel on Jan 16th 2017

5 Types of Wire for Coil Building
Before getting into building coils, you should know the 5 basic wire types for coil building and the difference between them. Having basic knowledge of how these wires work will help you when choosing which wire you want to build with. More importantly, I have to emphasize the basic safety measures when using these different types of wire for your own safety. Now, let’s get to the 5 different wires for building coils for your RDA, RDTA, RTA:
  1. Kanthal
    1. Kanthal is definitely the most popular wire for coil building. It’s extremely easy to use and it is extremely cheap. Don’t be fooled by the cheap price, because this wire definitely gets the job done, even being known as the starter vape wire. The only downside to kanthal is that the other wires absolutely kill kanthal when it comes to flavor. Kanthal is easily the dullest of the flavor enhancing wires, but don’t fret! Your juice will still taste amazing.
  2. Nichrome
    1. This wire is a step up from kanthal. I say this because it heats up faster, giving you much more vapor and flavor with less ramp up time. Many have noted that Nichrome gives a cleaner taste when compared to kanthal. This wire is also much easier to wrap, but less elastic. Nichrome is not a starter wire, so before you start using this, get a good grasp of basic coil building techniques.
  3. Nickel
    1. Nickel is the fastest wire when it comes to heating up. It has zero resistance, making it extremely sensitive when being heated. This can be a great thing, but also a terrible thing. The wire is very vulnerable to melt when heated at high power. It is best to use this type of wire with Temperature Control Mods
  4. Titanium
    1. This is the most popular wire for Temp Control advanced users! This wire heats up fast, and cools down quickly, too! I, personally, believe this is the best wire for bringing out the flavor of any e-juice! Again, this wire is for advanced builders and users, so please be careful and do your homework before attempting to use Titanium wire for building!
  5. Stainless Steel
    1. This wire is also fantastic for those of you looking for flavor enhancing builds! SS wire lasts the longest in performance compared to the other wires on this list, but isn’t even close to being the most popular.