10 Ways to Increase Vapor Output

Posted by Matt O'Donnel on Dec 13th 2016

10 Ways to Increase Vapor Output
When first starting to vape, most people go for the simple and effective vape pens because quitting smoking is their main goal. Once you have been vaping for a while, though, putting out more vapor clouds becomes more appealing. Here is 10 quick tips to help produce more vapor:
  1. Increase your wattage
    • More vapor is produced as more juice is vaporized. Pretty simple concept. Your wattage can determine how fast and hot your coils will heat up. The only problem is that you can easily wreck your coils this way if you start out with too much power! Refer to my Ohms and Watts article for more information on this subject.
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  3. Use a better atomizer/tank
    • For the best vapor production, you should lean towards a sub-ohm tank or rebuildable atomizers. Sub-ohm tanks, like the Aspire Cleito, are more suited for the person just diving into cloud chasing, while rebuildable options, like the Digiflavor Pharaoh, are best for those more advanced vapers who enjoy building their own coils.
  4. Increase your airflow
    • In general, more airflow over your coil means more vapor. More airflow will also cool the vapor, so a wide-open airflow may not be for you if you enjoy a warmer vapor. Find your perfect airflow that suits both for you.
  5. Use a high power device
    • Yeah, this one is pretty basic. There’s only so much you can do with pen style vapes. Most of the information in these steps are related to having a high power device that can support low resistance coils and are Variable Voltage/Variable Wattage.
  6. Use higher VG juice
    • There are some differences in PG and VG juice. VG is better for vapor production, since it is a thicker juice, but it doesn't carry flavor as well. VG Juice doesn’t soak into your wicks as well as PG juice either, so you need a well-designed wick to get the most out of it.
  7. Change how you breath in when vaping
    • There are two types of vapers out there. The mouth to lung vapers and the direct to lung vapers. If you are looking to get the most vapor out of your device, switch to the direct to lung inhalation style. When inhaling, do so fairly quickly and take it straight down to the lungs.
  8. Think about more airflow – Drip tips and tank chimneys
    • More on airflow. While your airflow setting is the main control you get over the airiness of your vape, the size of the central chimney in your tank is also important. Again, take the Aspire Cleito coil. It has a huge central chimney and is one of the reasons this tank can produce amazing vapor production!
    • The other part is your drip tip. This influence is minor compared to airflow, but a wide bore drip tip will improve vapor production.
  9. Switch to a different type of coil
    • While you don’t NEED a specific type of coil, coils play a big factor in vapor production. Most pre-built coils are single vertical coils, which while they work great, there are better options. Clapton coils can really improve vapor production, since it basically consists of multiple wires wrapped around each other. More surface area gives you more to heat up, which will produce more vapor.
  10. Get a RDA with a larger deck
    • The larger the deck/build space, the larger coils you can use. Again, increasing the surface area and cotton contact will greatly improve vapor production. A low resistance 10 wrap coil will produce more vapor than a low resistance 5 wrap.
  11. Build your own coils for cloud chasing
    • This topic is literally worthy of its own article, but I will break it down for you. In general, the more coil that contacts your wick and juice, the more vapor will be produced. A lower gauge wire will give you less resistance per inch, so you can use more wire without raising the resistance. This little bit of information barely scratches the surface of building coils, but it is some basic information. The more you play with coil builds, the more you will learn.