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Vaporesso Tarot Nano Kit Review

vaporesso-tarot-nano-reviewWith the major spike in small kits available, the Vaporesso Tarot Nano stands out from the rest. Before I actually get into the review, I will say that this mini kit is one of the best on the market! I don’t think Vaporesso can make enough to satisfy the demand of consumers. It has a ton of great features, making it extremely simple to use for beginning vapers, and features that cater to the more advanced vape enthusiasts!

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x Tarot Nano Mod
  • 1 x Veco Tank (EUC Coil Pre-Installed)
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9 Steps to Fix Your Leaking Baby Beast

9-steps-to-fix-your-leaking-smok-baby-beastNo matter what tank you buy, it is bound to leak at some point. Here’s a list of things to check if your SMOK Baby Beast starts to leak:

  • If tank is still leaking after tightening the coil, remove the coil and check the rubber seals. If these are damaged, new seals will be necessary to stop leaking
  • If changing the coil doesn’t stop the leaking, check to see if the coil is screwed in tightly.
  • Check to see if coil is burnt. At the end of a coil’s life, juice can begin to leak through if it’s not vaporized properly. If the coil looks burnt, replace it. This should stop the leaking. (I have noticed more leaking from the .15ohm compared to the 0.4ohm coil)
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ProVape Closes Their Doors and Blames FDA

provape-closes-their-doors-and-blames-fdaIf you have been in the vaping industry since the beginning, you definitely know the company ProVape. They were one of the pioneers of the vaping industry and manufacturing. Well, they have officially closed their doors for good. Looks like the FDA has claimed another major player.

ProVape Explains Closing

ProVape, the manufacturers of the quintessential ProVari Series Vaporizers, announced earlier this week that they will be closing this week. ProVape was one of the first American manufacturers to produce a variable voltage device. The Company sent out an email to their customers, which stated:

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Choosing the Right MOD: Mech or Regulated

choosing-the-right-mod-mech-or-regulatedChoosing the right MOD is vital to your vaping experience! With the hundreds of different MOD options, what makes the difference? Why should you choose a regulated mod? Why should you choose a mech mod? While they both do basically the same thing, there are some major differences you need to consider before choosing which mod to get.

Regulated Mods

Safety Features:

If you are just starting to vape, I highly recommend starting with a regulated mod. Regulated mods have build in safety protections, such as battery protection and low ohm protection. Features such as these are extremely important for new vapers, and even suits advanced vapers. These features will make sure your batteries do not overheat/explode and also keep you from using a coil that has too low of resistance.

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Coil Building How To Intermediate Vape

Coil Building 203: Staged Clapton

coil-building-203-staged-claptonLet’s move onto the next coil building technique. The Staged Clapton coil is great for those just looking for something new and stylish that still blasts flavor and vapor! This does require the clapton skill, so if you haven’t mastered that, please refer to my previous article on building the Clapton Coil.

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8 Reasons Not to Date a Smoker

Why not to date a smokerWhether you vape or have never smoked a cigarette in your life, I think we can all agree that smoking cigarettes is a bit of a turn off to us, You might be sitting in a bar with your friends and notice someone who catches your eye, but then notice that they are smoking and immediately be disappointed. Well, here’s 8 reasons why this happens:

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USA Today Publishes False Info About Vaping

usa-today-published-false-info-about-vapingLooks like USA Today has jumped on the bandwagon of spreading false information about vaping! In a recently released article, writer Ryan Miller reports on the “dangers of dripping.” Unfortunately, most of his information comes from a high-school survey. Not to say I am doubting the numbers that are reported, but the information is completely wrong when it comes to dripping.

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10 reasons to convert your smoker friends/family

10 reasons to convert your smoker friendsLet’s be honest for a few seconds. We all know someone who smokes and we want them to quit. We are sick of them smelling like smoke, always having to step outside to take a smoke break, and are over them spending so much money on a habit that is killing them. So, why not convert your smoker friends and family? Switching from smoking to vaping has quite a few benefits! Here are the key points you should tell your friends/family about why they should make the switch:

  1. Less of a mess
    • You no longer need to worry about dirty ash trays, burns, nicotine stained walls/ceilings/windshields. Your home stays cleaner, the environment stays cleaner, and you feel cleaner
  2. Protecting you and those around you
    • Second hand smoke has been a huge issue for public health. It casues around 600,000 deaths worldwide each year. Vaping does not contain the carcinogens that are found in traditional tobacco, and there is no evidence of negative effects of secondhand vape.
  3. Way less chemicals
    • There are 4 ingredients needed to make e-juice. There are over 4000 chemicals in cigarettes, many of which have been identified as cancer-causing agents.
  4. Many healthcare organizations and officials recognize the benefits of vaping
    • The benefits of vaping are vast and many! There are many organizations and health officials that have come out and stated that it is a much safer option when compared to smoking.
  5. No more smell
    • The constant smell of cigarette smoke is nauseating. No one wants to be around someone who constantly smells like an ashtray.
  6. Health benefits
    • Switching to vaping can help you breathe better, you sense of taste and smell comes back, and your overall health increases.
  7. Delicious flavors
    • Whether you want to stick to the traditional tobacco taste or venture into the fruity, custard, or other flavors, they are much better than any tobacco taste you get from a traditional cigarette
  8. No Smoke or tar
    • Smoke inhalation and tar build up are the leading causes of death in smokers. When you vape, there is no smoke or tar, just vapor!
  9. Always prepared
    • You never have to worry about not running out of cigarettes while you are out! As long as you have extra batteries and juice, there is no need to fret about not being able to use your device.
    • On average, vaping can save you $1400/year! Think of all the things you could do with the extra money!


So what’s your excuse? Why have you not already made the switch? Do you enjoy being unhealthy? Do you enjoy smelling disgusting all the time? Do you enjoy spending way more money than you need to? Make the switch and start seeing the benefits immediately!

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Gov Kasich Wants to Raise Vape Tax in Ohio

gov-kasich-wants-to-raise-vape-tax-in-ohioGovernor Kasich seems to have taken interest in Pennsylvania’s hike on vape taxes. He not only wants to raise vape taxes in Ohio, but raise that tax to 69%! Watch out, Ohio Vapers! You may be in some big trouble if this tax makes the budget.

The Proposal:

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TPE Predicts Positive Growth for the Vaping Industry

tpe-predicts-positive-growth-for-the-vaping-industryNew information was just released earlier this month from the Tobacco Plus Expo (TPE). The expo took place in Las Vegas in January 2017, and the information shows that the tobacco industry is declining rapidly, while vaping is growing steadily.

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