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Building Your Business…..[Vol 1. Content Marketing]

So tell me about your company. Who is your target audience, what are their favorite flavor profiles, what type of devices do they normally use? If you don’t know these things get out a pen and paper and figure it out, I’ll wait. All of these pieces of information are infinitely useful in branding yourself and your business. Continue reading for some tips and tricks to grow your business using content marketing.

The Story:

Every business needs a story. If you want people to become truly invested in you and your business you need to tell them why they should. The story needs to be relatable to your target audience. Are you going after the smokers or the vapers? The reason I ask is these are two totally different audiences with totally different expectations and ideas about vaping. The first group sees vaping as a way to quit smoking while the later has already reaped those benefits and moved on to buying devices and juices based want rather than need. Flavor profiles also differ widely in these two groups as the smokers tend to gravitate towards the tobacco flavors while seasoned vapers will experiment with pretty much anything you have to offer. Lastly we come to devices. Depending on the story and audience you’ve chosen you should stock your store with the appropriate devices. Stock heavy in beginner devices for the smoking crowd versus high wattage devices for the seasoned folks. With this information you can begin to tell your story. If you’re still a little unsure of what direction you want to go in I highly suggest checking out the Content Marketing Institute for some very helpful information.

Telling your story with Content:

Now that you have chosen a direction for your company the real work begins. In order to properly market your business you need to filter through existing content or create your own. Keep in mind when finding or creating content that you should put this information into defined categories or “silos”. An easy way to do this is by using Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. Let’s try an example. A video or article about how to fill a certain tank would be classified in the Beginner silo while building a coil on an RDA would be filed under the Advanced silo. Finding or creating relevant content and putting that content in the proper silo enables you to feed the right content to the right section of your audience.  Content marketing also allows you to somewhat dictate your audiences’ purchasing decisions. An example of this would be: Joe has a beginner device and uses a tobacco flavored juice. Joe has been using this device for a while and loves his tobacco flavor. It would make no sense to send Joe any marketing or information about the new 300 watt device that just arrived in stock or the new SuperFantasticBerrylicious flavor you just received. Joe may however be interested in that new device that’s just a small step up from his current one. He may also be interested in that new flavored tobacco juice that just came in. Getting Joe to buy the flavored tobacco juice may eventually help him open up to non-tobacco juices. Market smarter, not harder.


With proper content you can control what your customers purchase. It’s all a matter of putting the right content in front of the right customer. Tell the proper story to the proper audience. Putting these ideas together properly can lead to a very potent marketing campaign that will earn you a more loyal, more educated customer who is willing to spend money with your business.



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Vivek Murthy: Anti-Vaping Surgeon General Has Been Replaced

April 21, 2017. This will be a day vapers should remember for a long time! This was the day that VIvek Murthy, the anti-vaping Surgeon General, was asked to resign from his position. This could be a huge win for the vaping community, as he was replaced by Sylvia Trent-Adams. Murthy’s replacement reasons are unclear, but one reason could very possibly be his stance against vaping.

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CDC Confirms Smokers Turn to Vaping to Quit

Finally one agency does a study that makes sense! The CDC recently conducted a study that shows e-cigs are the most commonly used cessation tools for smokers to quit. This study was conducted over 26 months and almost 16,000 adult cigarette smokers. While quitting by self-control and cold turkey methods were the most prevalent, those using cessation methods found e-cigarettes to work the best.

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CBD Eco Caps…An Honest Review By Big J

Some of you may have heard about CBD but I’m assuming a lot of you have not. This review is on CBD Drip’s new Eco Caps and I’m as pleased with this product as I was with their liquid CBD. If you are like me and try and avoid as much over the counter medication as possible in favor of a more holistic approach then this is a product that deserves looking into. To see my video review of the CBD Drip liquid click here.


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The Real Truth Behind The truth Campaign

I’m sure you’ve all see those ads on TV about teenage smoking by the truth campaign. Their ads are very hard hitting and in your face. I had no issue with the truth campaign until they started dabbling in the anti-vaping realm. Now I agree kids under 18 should not have access to electronic cigarettes but I also think “truth” should stick to cigarettes. Let’s take a look at the truth campaign shall we?


First thing’s first, let’s talk money. In 1998 the 4 largest tobacco manufacturers reached a settlement with 46 states, Washington D.C., and a few territories, to pay HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS of dollars to those states in increments over a certain amount of years. This settlement was dubbed the MSA or Master Settlement Agreement. It was also decided that a portion of this money should be put towards an anti-smoking campaign targeted towards youth smoking. The American Legacy Foundation was created to begin this campaign. They started by adopting an anti-smoking campaign from the state of Florida and turned it into the truth campaign that you are familiar with today.

Anti-vaping campaign:

The “truth” campaign has mainly focused on cigarettes until recently. Once e-cigarettes gained popularity the truth campaign decided to test the anti-vaping waters with articles like this. Take a minute and read that article. I was actually on board with them until they made this quote, “the CEO of a top e-cig brand said flavored products were “essential to vapers’ satisfaction.” Of course, that was ten months–TEN. MONTHS.–after the same CEO said other e-cig manufacturers used flavorings “to attract children.” Funny how that happens, amirite?”. So off to Google I went and tried to find out if this was true. I honestly couldn’t find anything supporting this statement. And with their ads directly calling out major tobacco companies, why wouldn’t you name this mystery CEO?

The Scandals:

Like every other entity that starts with good intentions there is always some bad to go with that good. It started out “small” with a few million dollars getting misappropriated for computer equipment from 1999 to 2007 when it was first brought to light. Not really their fault but it bears mentioning that no charges were filed by the US Attorney’s office. Then we get into salaries, which seem to be exorbitantly high for the standard for non-profits. In the highlighted article it even went so far as to say they laid out a cool $1 million to get their CEO a new house. In the immortal words of pitchman Billy Mays, “But wait, There’s more!” It seems that the American Legacy Foundation is getting a little hypocritical as it chugs along. They are pulling grants from entities that use money from Big Tobacco for research while asking Big Tobacco for more money themselves. Funny how that works.


Now you may ask why I brought all this up. Well to be honest, I wrote this article with a bit of an agenda. I’m hoping to open people’s eyes to the fact that you shouldn’t believe everything you see or hear no matter who it comes from. Do your own research folks. Make your own informed decisions.


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5 Vape Apps That Are Worth Using

The Vape industry is growing so fast that not many people can keep up with it all. Over the past few years, many vape apps have been introduced. Some of those, such as the POTV, have been shut down or been denied to update the app. Well, I made a list of my personal top 5 vape apps that are worth using! These apps will help you whether you are a beginner or an advanced DIY vaper!

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Vape Life: Fishing for a Better Future

The absolute best part of my job is seeing all of the lives being saved when someone walks through the doors at my shop. Most, if not all, of us have seen the information about how switching from smoking to vaping can help save your life. While this is true, nothing is better than actually seeing and hearing it from their own mouths. A particular customer of mine is a Charter Captain and was having trouble with his fishing lifestyle, so he walked in and changed his life!

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Organic E-Liquid…Real or Scam?

So I was tasked with tackling this beast of a subject and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy. I did as much research as I could possibly do on organic e-liquid  before my brain melted. The next few paragraphs will include my findings and allow you to form your own opinion. Let’s start by going through the ingredients in a typical e-liquid.

Propylene Glycol

So, we’ll start with the obvious. In order to have a USDA certified organic e-liquid all ingredients that it contains must be certified organic themselves. This sounds fairly obvious until you break down a typical e-liquid. Most e-liquids on the market have PG in them, or Propylene Glycol, which is a synthetic substance and therefor cannot be organic. So there is step 1 in identifying an organic e-liquid, absence of PG.

Vegetable Glycerin

Vegetable glycerin, or VG, is certifiable organic because it is derived from vegetables. As stated above, these vegetables must be grown, picked, and processed in a USDA approved fashion but it is 100% possible to have USDA approved VG. In fact, if you want to vape a guaranteed 100% organic e-liquid your best bet is to vape straight 100% organic VG. But where’s the fun, or flavor, in that.


This is where things get really interesting. In order to be classified organic one of the stipulations is that no pesticides can be used. That will be rather difficult as nicotine itself was used as a pesticide as far back as the 1700’s. But somehow a few companies were able to get the USDA organic seal in their flavors that include nicotine. Vape Organics has the USDA seal proudly displayed on their home page along with their test results. If you read through those results you will see that nicotine is a clear ingredient in a lot of the juices listed. With a little research you will see that QAI is in fact an accredited agency by the USDA. Another company claiming USDA organic is Virgin Vapor who also has the USDA organic seal on several of their flavors. I will let you study the evidence and draw your own conclusions.

So there you have it folks. I’m not willing to say one way or the other if there is truly a 100% USDA certified organic e-liquid on the market. Now you may laugh and point to the nicotine section where I showed you the certifications and think that I’m an idiot since I put the information in front of you in black and white. But here’s my take on the whole thing, there’s always a loophole. Whether it’s by changing the wording on a description or tweaking a process somewhere to make it fit into the guidelines, there’s always a work around somewhere. I will say this, if vaping organic e-liquid makes you feel better then do it, it’s still better than smoking a cigarette.



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3 Steps to Completely End Cigarette Smoking

Anyone who watches television or listens to the radio has heard the quit smoking ads. These ads are failing to actually get people to quit, as the information is old news. They are basically beating a dead horse at this point. Well, a fascinating new report came out in March 2017 that lays out 3 steps to completely end cigarette smoking! This report has entails the views of 120 leaders in tobacco control that all state that ending cigarette use among adults in a generation is possible.

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Pros And Cons To Attending A Vape Convention [Vol. 2 Setting Up A Booth]

So we’ve already discussed the pros and cons to walking a Vape Convention, to read that article click here. In this article we’re going to be going over the pros and cons to setting up a booth at a Vape Convention. Both methods of attending have their merits but I’ll leave it to you to decide which method suits you best after you read this.

Setting up a booth at a Vape Convention


  1. Setting up an actual booth at a vape convention allows potential customers to put your product in their hands and test it. You can tell someone how great your product is but in this day and age most people will want to see for themselves.
  2. Setting up a booth also affords you the opportunity to sell your product, as well as yourself, to new potential customers. Just think of it as a really busy day at your shop but everyone is a new customer. You have the opportunity to answer and explain questions in detail about your product and express the passion you have for the business.
  3. Vape conventions draw huge crowds from a much larger area than your physical brick and mortar. 70-90% of your clientele comes from a 5 mile radius around your store, whereas people will travel hundreds or thousands of miles to attend certain conventions. This increases your reach exponentially, especially if you are willing and able to ship product. Click here to see your 5 mile radius.
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