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WHO Claims World Economy Loses Over $1 Trillion per Year From Smoking


who-claims-world-economy-loses-over-1-trillion-per-year-from-smoking-1It’s about damn time someone came out with some information that is actually true! On Tuesday, Jan 10th, the US National Cancer Institute released a study where they collaborated with the World Health Organization (WHO). The study showed that smoking costs the global economy over a TRILLION dollars per year, and also concluded that by 2030, smoking related deaths will climb from 6 million to 8 million.

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Idiot Vaper’s Mod Exploded In His Face

Idiot vaper has mod explode in his face

Listen up, everyone! Do not feel bad for this idiot. Yes, he suffered tooth loss and second degree burns to his face, but it was his own damn fault! He was misusing his device and it malfunctioned and exploded, as it should have with what he was using. This is another example of user error.  

What Was Originally Said:

Andrew Hall, a father whom resides in Oregon, has his Mechanical Mod explode in his face a couple days ago. On January 15th, he posted a status on Facebook when his mod exploded in his face. His status stated:

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Republicans Vs FDA Regulations


As we get closer to the inauguration of President Elect Donald Trump, there is more talk of the Republican Congress deregulations. While this may not be great for a lot of Americans, it could be absolutely wonderful for the Vaping Industry! Vapers are impatiently waiting for the announcement of the deregulation itinerary and hoping that the FDA Regulations on the Vaping Industry are included!

As an avid vape enthusiast, I know there is nothing that would make me (and the industry) happier than the FDA Regulations just disappearing! This would absolutely save the industry. The Republican controlled Congress could potentially be eyeing the Tobacco Regulation, which now include vaping.

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The Best Wire for an RDA/RDTA/RTA

the-best-wire-for-an-rda_rta_rdtaAfter writing the article on different types of wire for coil building, I thought I should do a follow up on which wire I think is the best for building! Now that you know about the 5 different types (Kanthal, Nichrome, Nickel, Titanium, and Stainless Steel) it’s time to choose the best! Which wire gives the best cloud and while not compromising on flavor?

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Tennessee Department of Health: Vaping, Date Rape, and Heroin


If you are anything like myself, this title definitely grabs your attention. You are probably asking yourself “How are these three subjects related?” According to the Tennessee Department of Health (TDOH), the use of e-cigarettes  can lead to date rape and is as addicting as heroin. This report out of the TDOH also states that the use of e-cigs cause popcorn lung, which is a myth that has been debunked by scientists and many other vape advocates.

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5 Types of Wire for Coil Building


5typesofwireforcoilbuildingBefore getting into building coils, you should know the 5 basic wire types for coil building and the difference between them. Having basic knowledge of how these wires work will help you when choosing which wire you want to build with. More importantly, I have to emphasize the basic safety measures when using these different types of wire for your own safety. Now, let’s get to the 5 different wires for building coils for your RDA, RDTA, RTA:

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Explaining Health Benefits of E-cigs is Illegal

Benefits of E-cigs Here we go again! Another absolutely ridiculous and corrupt claim by our government. A “clarification” that was published in the Federal Register, the FDA indicated that e-cigarettes can’t be legally sold as a quit smoking method unless manufacturers go through the expensive process of getting them approved as a new pharmaceutical product. Furthermore, the FDA also states that these products can’t be sold as a “less hazardous” alternative compared to traditional tobacco unless manufacturers go through a different expensive process for getting them approved as “modified risk tobacco products.” These products have proven benefits to smokers who have switched to vaping. 

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National Park Service Bans Vaping


This is extremely disappointing, but it has been in the works for about a year now. The National Park Service declared that vaping would be placed under the same regulations as smoking in parks. This will take a major toll on the vaping industry now that at least one of our government organizations classifies vaping under tobacco products.

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Dripping and Driving: Dangers and How to Prevent Them


dripping and driving dangersDripping juice onto freshly built coils is absolutely uncomparable when it comes to flavor and vapor production. It is the advanced vapers dream come true! But with dripping comes a new danger on the road; Dripping and Driving. Many people do it but that doesn’t mean it is safe! Every vaper who drips instead of using a tank, knows how hard it is to drip while driving. Here are a few reasons why dripping and driving should not be apart of your vaping tasks.

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Coil Building 201: Fused Clapton Coils


Now that you have mastered the Clapton, it’s time to get even better! I’m sure you noticed the huge change in vapor production and the flavor intensify with the clapton, so imagine adding another wire to the mix! That’s exactly what we are going to do with the fused clapton! Here is how to make your fused clapton wire!

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