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Keeping you safe at every step

Keeping you safe, we're going above and beyond all CDC & WHO guidelines to make choosing Lizard Juice safe for you.

  • ✅ Checking every team members temperature
  • ✅ Cleaning and disinfecting stores every hour
  • ✅ Extensive Cleaning before and during manufacturing
  • ✅ Extensive cleaning of Warehouse & Shipping
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“No joke, The best e-liquid I've tried. Clean flavors, no weird aftertaste, excellent customer service...just can't say enough. Lizard Juice is the sole reason I haven't gone back to smoking again.”

John B. - Clearwater, FL

"Just discovered this website and loving it!!! Great prices and awesome flavors. Of course, the shipping is quick and there's no waiting in lines at super busy vap lounges. All in all - a A+ for you guys"

Annie H. - Atlanta, GA

“Really good juices/flavors and exceptional prices. The flavors and ease of ordering online has made getting off cigarettes very easy and I don't miss them at all. Thank you for making quitting so easy.”

Traci C. - Roanoke, VA

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