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Sample 5 Pack - Dessert (150ml)

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Includes one bottle of the following amazing dessert flavors: 

  1. The Crow - A supernatural white chocolate cookie blended with the blood of cranberries.
  2. Talladega - The perfect orange cupcake blend for all day vaping.
  3. 80 Watt - A magically delicious cereal topped with marshmallows.
  4. Typhoon - A new take on the perfect dessert: A strawberry key lime custard that will take an eternity to get over.
  5. Daytona - Delicious homemade apple pie, just like mom used to make.


Made in Clearwater, FL USA


  • Vegetable Glycerine (VG) – VG is widely used as a food additive and is used in E juice as a carrier for flavors and nicotine.
  • Propylene Glycol (PG) –PG is widely used as a food additive and can be found in many things that we regularly eat. 
  • Flavorings – Food grade flavorings are added to create different flavors of E-juice
  • Nicotine – Nicotine is only used in our 3mg and 6mg options.

3 Reviews

Terri C Aug 15th 2017

can't beat this deal!!

Loved every one of the flavors and 150mg for 20.00??? what??? you can't beat it. Will try some of their other 5 bottle sets next, but loved all 5 flavors, the Amp Talladega being my fav.

Lexi Aug 7th 2017


Works very well on high temp and very flavorful! Loved the Dessert pack deal and even threw in another bottle!! Overall very satisfied.

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