Tobacco Flavors

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  • Outlaw Road E-Liquid

    Quick View Outlaw Road E-Liquid

    Get a classic, smooth, American-style smoke experience with Lizard Juice's Outlaw Road E-Juice. The open range beckons your freedom-loving American…

  • Menthol Tobacco E-Liquid (15ml)

    Quick View Menthol Tobacco E-Liquid (15ml)

    For menthol smoke lovers: try this smooth American-style blend. Lizard Juice's Menthol Tobacco E-Juice is a cool vape. The menthol…

  • Outlaw Green E-Liquid

    Quick View Outlaw Green E-Liquid

    Try Outlaw Green E-Juice for a menthol tobacco cigarette experience. It's refreshing and light. Outlaw Green E-Juice is a mild…

  • Outlaw E-Liquid

    Quick View Outlaw E-Liquid

    Outlaw E-Juice is smooth with a nice throat kick and smoky vapor. Try this flavor for an American Style Smooth…

  • Menthol Madness E-Liquid

    Quick View Menthol Madness E-Liquid

    This is our one and only Pure Menthol flavor, for the most hardcore of menthol lovers this is sure to…

  • LJ4 E-Liquid

    Quick View LJ4 E-Liquid

    LJ4 is our best-selling e-liquid for a reason. Ex-smokers want the assertiveness of a tobacco flavor. LJ4 E-Juice is that…

  • Cuban Cigar E-Liquid

    Quick View Cuban Cigar E-Liquid

    Our Cuban Cigar E-Juice gives you the earthy, sweet flavor of a fine Cuban cigar. Lizard Juiceā€™s Cuban e-liquid is…