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E-Liquid & E-Juice

Premium E-Liquid flavors made with only the absolute best ingredients.
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  • 101 Highway E-Liquid

    Quick View 101 Highway E-Liquid

    Highway 101 is a tobacco blend that is for when you need something soothing and relaxing with a great and…

  • Apple E-Liquid

    Quick View Apple E-Liquid

    Apple -- a refreshing, light e-liquid flavor. Lizard Juice's Apple E-Juice is like sucking on a Jolly Rancher green apple…

  • Banana E-Liquid

    Quick View Banana E-Liquid

    Delicious and timeless banana flavor. It is wonderfully sweet and creamy, just as you would expect. This banana is truly…

  • Blueberry Sweet Tart E-Liquid

    Quick View Blueberry Sweet Tart E-Liquid

    Grab this Blueberry E-Juice. It's sweet, light, and like a blueberry sweet tart. You have never had a Blueberry e-Liquid…

  • Chocolate E-Liquid

    Quick View Chocolate E-Liquid

    Get your chocoholic's fix here at Lizard Juice. Our Chocolate E-Juice shouldn’t be enough to satisfy what chocoholics crave. But…

  • Clove E-Liquid

    Quick View Clove E-Liquid

    Try aromatic, refreshing, spicy Clove E-Juice for an exotic break from the ordinary.…

  • Cuban Cigar E-Liquid

    Quick View Cuban Cigar E-Liquid

    Our Cuban Cigar E-Juice gives you the earthy, sweet flavor of a fine Cuban cigar. Lizard Juice’s Cuban e-liquid is…

  • Dark Lizard E-Liquid

    Quick View Dark Lizard E-Liquid

    If you love Lizard Milk -You have to try Dark Lizard. Coconut Milk, Pineapple, Rum and a 20% Chocolate. You…

  • Euro Outlaw E-Liquid

    Quick View Euro Outlaw E-Liquid

    Enjoy Euro Outlaw E-Juice's sweet cherry-vanilla note. Lizard Juice’s Euro Outlaw E-Juice is a fancy e-juice flavor that’s not too…

  • Grape E-Liquid

    Quick View Grape E-Liquid

    Our Grape E-Juice is one of those flavors that every Grape lover has to try. Fruity, but not too sweet…

  • Green Lizard E-Liquid

    Quick View Green Lizard E-Liquid

    Green Lizard is one of our best flavors yet. If you're a fan of Wintergreen candies, you will love this…

  • Ice Raspberry E-Liquid

    Quick View Ice Raspberry E-Liquid

    Our Ice Raspberry E-Juice tastes like raspberry sorbet, and a creamy smoothie with more than a hint of mint. This…

  • Ice Watermelon E-Liquid

    Quick View Ice Watermelon E-Liquid

    Ice Watermelon E-Juice is a plumy, frosty, fresh melon vape that's a refreshing uplift to your day. If you have…

  • Lizard Milk E-Liquid

    Quick View Lizard Milk E-Liquid

    Coconut Milk, Pineapple and Rum.... Lizard Milk E-Juice. You will keep coming back for more of this remarkably different e-liquid.…

  • LJ4 E-Liquid

    Quick View LJ4 E-Liquid

    LJ4 is our best-selling e-liquid for a reason. Ex-smokers want the assertiveness of a tobacco flavor. LJ4 E-Juice is that…

  • Mocha E-Liquid

    Quick View Mocha E-Liquid

    Cafe Latte - A chocolate and coffee marriage made in heaven. Our Mocha E-Juice is a strong coffee flavor, with…

  • Orange Blast E-Liquid

    Quick View Orange Blast E-Liquid

    Slice into Orange Blast E-Juice. A rich, citrus pop of bright orange; zingy and clean – this e-juice lifts you…

  • Outlaw E-Liquid

    Quick View Outlaw E-Liquid

    Outlaw E-Juice is smooth with a nice throat kick and smoky vapor. Try this flavor for an American Style Smooth…

  • Outlaw Green E-Liquid

    Quick View Outlaw Green E-Liquid

    Try Outlaw Green E-Juice for a menthol tobacco cigarette experience. It's refreshing and light. Outlaw Green E-Juice is a mild…

  • Outlaw Menthol E-Liquid

    Quick View Outlaw Menthol E-Liquid

    For menthol smoke lovers: try this smooth American-style blend. Lizard Juice's Outlaw Menthol E-Juice is a cool vape. The menthol…

  • Outlaw Road E-Liquid

    Quick View Outlaw Road E-Liquid

    Get a classic, smooth, American-style smoke experience with Lizard Juice's Outlaw Road E-Juice. The open range beckons your freedom-loving American…

  • Outlaw Tobacco E-Liquid

    Quick View Outlaw Tobacco E-Liquid

    A light, American style smoke experience -- clean and fresh, throat kick included! Vape on this e-juice and you will…

  • Pure Joy E-Liquid

    Quick View Pure Joy E-Liquid

    Satisfy your craving for a double coconut, chocolate candy bar with Pure Joy E-Juice. Smooth, rich coconut gets a chocolate…

  • Raspberry E-Liquid

    Quick View Raspberry E-Liquid

    Raspberry E-Juice is so vapory and fresh. It is a great change from a tobacco or dessert vape. Maybe you…

  • Red Lizard E-Liquid

    Quick View Red Lizard E-Liquid

    Surprise yourself with Red Lizard E-Juice. Its a fruity, lemony, cola-spiced tart vapor will energize your taste buds. Your outlook…

  • Rum Punch E-Liquid

    Quick View Rum Punch E-Liquid

    This Rum Punch is a medley of fruit flavors combined into one delicious punchy goodness. Taste the sweet, citrusy fruit…

  • Spearmint E-Liquid

    Quick View Spearmint E-Liquid

    Get Lizard Juice's Spearmint E-Juice when you're in the mood for a soft, refreshing, mild vape. This e-juice is a…

  • Strawberry E-Liquid

    Quick View Strawberry E-Liquid

    Strawberry E-Juice for a summery, berry vape. The cool, mellow plume of fresh strawberry flavor is a soothing, refreshing break…

  • Strawberry Kiwi E-Liquid

    Quick View Strawberry Kiwi E-Liquid

    Chill with Strawberry Kiwi E-Juice, the perfect fruit salad. Tangy, sweet strawberry and mellow kiwi mingle in smooth tranquility. A…

  • Strawberry Mojito E-Liquid

    Quick View Strawberry Mojito E-Liquid

    Be prepared for a vapory, sweet and tangy e liquid. The dark rum, lime and mint will refresh and revive…

  • Tiramisu E-Liquid

    Quick View Tiramisu E-Liquid

    Get your Tiramisu and vape it, too. Try Tiramisu E-Juice for the taste of this classic dessert. It’s a creamy,…

  • Utopia E-Liquid

    Quick View Utopia E-Liquid

    Utopia was born out of the idea of creating an extraordinary vaping experience of near perfection. The vape is fruity…

  • Venom E-Liquid

    Quick View Venom E-Liquid

    Try our Venom E-Liquid: Lemon-Lime Citrus with mint and a hint a mango flavors that will knock your socks off.…

  • Voodoo E-Liquid

    Quick View Voodoo E-Liquid

    Voodoo is Cinnamon, Blueberry, Pineapple, Coconut and a touch of Magic! This e-juice flavor is sure to cast a spell,…

  • Watermelon E-Liquid

    Quick View Watermelon E-Liquid

    Lizard Juice’s Watermelon E-Juice will have you swearing that you just bit into a slice of cool, refreshing watermelon –…

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