We offer a wide variety of E-Cigarettes ranging from our Starter Kit all the way up to our Monster Kit. Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced user of Electronic Cigarettes, we have you covered with the best devices on the market.
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  • Skinny Lizard V2

    Quick View Skinny Lizard V2

    This is a revamp of our original Skinny Lizard, with a bigger battery, stylus tip (for smart phones) and a…

  • E-Cigarette Starter Kit

    Quick View E-Cigarette Starter Kit

    Our E-Cigarette Starter Kit's come with two tanks, one battery, and a retractable USB charger.…

  • MVP 20W E-Cig Battery

    Quick View MVP 20W E-Cig Battery

    The MVP20W is the newest in the line of bestselling Innokin Technology iTaste MVP vaporizers and features a wider range…

  • The Sleek Lizard

    Quick View The Sleek Lizard

    The Sleek Lizard comes with 2 tanks and batteries, as well as a wall and USB charger.…

  • Lizard Pro Kit

    Quick View Lizard Pro Kit

    The Lizard Pro Kit is our latest and greatest kit that we offer. Our Lizard Pro Kit contains our LV3…

  • Lizard Power Kit

    Quick View Lizard Power Kit

    This is our premier E-Cigarette kit. It includes our signature LV3 Variable Voltage battery and our Lizard Power Tank.…

  • Lizard Auto Kit

    Quick View Lizard Auto Kit

    This Lizard Auto Kit is a newly designed kit released by Lizard Juice focused on our Auto-Draw battery system. It…

  • Lizard Platinum Kit

    Quick View Lizard Platinum Kit

    The Lizard Platinum Kit is one of our flagship kits. Our Lizard Platinum Kit contains our LV3 Variable Voltage Battery,…

  • The Lizard Deluxe Kit

    Quick View The Lizard Deluxe Kit

    This kit is one of our staple kits that we recommend for new and old vapers alike. It includes everything…

  • Lizard Monster Kit

    Quick View Lizard Monster Kit

    Here's comes the MONSTER! We're bringing in our first mod into the Lizard Juice family, and this one is awesome.…

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