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  • Motorcycle E-Cig Holder

    Quick View Motorcycle E-Cig Holder

    Introducing the E-Cig Rider! Have you ever wanted to bring your E-Cig with you on a motorcycle ride but didn't…

  • E-Cigarette Lanyard

    Quick View E-Cigarette Lanyard

    Hanging neck lanyard for our E-Cigarette and other tanks/batteries. Equipped with one alloy ring holder to hold your e-cigarette tightly.…

  • Lizard EGO Case

    Quick View Lizard EGO Case

    The Lizard Joyetech eGo carrying case is has a zipper to ensure none of your equipment gets lost! Emblazoned with…

  • 18650 Battery Sleeve

    Quick View 18650 Battery Sleeve

    Designed to protect the positive and negative ends of the battery from moisture as well as from making contact with…