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E-Cig Accessories

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  • Dual Coil Wicks

    Quick View Dual Coil Wicks

    Our Dual Coil Wicks create enormous amounts of vapor by simply putting one of these into your Lizard Power Tank…

  • E-Cig Suckers

    Quick View E-Cig Suckers

    These E-Cig Suckers are one of the coolest little gadgets you can get for your home or office, or even…

  • E-Cigarette Battery

    Quick View E-Cigarette Battery

    This E-Cigarette Battery is where it all starts. Simple and made of the highest quality materials we can source. It…

  • EGO USB Charger

    Quick View EGO USB Charger

    The EGO Electronic Cigarette USB charger will allow you to recharge any of Lizard Juice's eCigarette batteries (manual or automatic)…

  • Fat Bottom Lizard Tank

    Quick View Fat Bottom Lizard Tank

    The Fat Bottom Lizard tank is the pinnacle of innovation when it comes to E-Liquid Tanks. It allows you to…

  • Fat Bottom Lizard Wicks

    Quick View Fat Bottom Lizard Wicks

    Our Fat Bottom Lizard Wicks are 1.5 resistence and are currently only available in Single Coil variety.…

  • L-VOD Tank

    Quick View L-VOD Tank

    Our L-VOD holds 2ml of e-liquid. The short wick unit screws onto the bottom. The mouthpiece is fixed and the…

  • L-VOD Wicks

    Quick View L-VOD Wicks

    Our L-VOD Wicks come in both single and dual coil options and all of our wicks feature 1.8 resistance and…

  • Lizard EGO Case

    Quick View Lizard EGO Case

    The Lizard Joyetech eGo carrying case is has a zipper to ensure none of your equipment gets lost! Emblazoned with…

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