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  • Quick Drip Tips Advice


    Drip tips are placed over the cartomizer to enable easy dripping of e-liquids without having to dismantle everything. It also acts as the base you place your mouth on in order to vape. The use of drip tips generally helps you achieve a better vaping experience, as it’s associated with more vapor hits and thicker vape.

    Now, you should always select the drip tips that’re heat resistant. The atomizer, which a drip tip is placed on, can get quite hot. It’s therefore important that you select a heat resistant one to protect your mouth from burns.

    It’s also important to always sanitize your drip tips. Even though propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin act as an antibacterial, build-up in your vaping device due to condensation may lead to a bacterial infestation. Bacteria on the drip tip may also be from your mouth’s saliva or even food residues. It’s imperative that you clean and sanitize your drip tip regularly. Also, ensure that you’ve a spare drip tip in case you wanna share your vaporizer with others.

    You should know that drip tips aren’t good for devices with automatic batteries. With these, you never know when you’re dripping too much. Excessive dripping may cause flooding in the atomizer and this may ruin your automatic battery, permanently. Particularly, if the automatic battery isn’t sealed.

    Finally, when using drip tips, always ensure that you drip more e-liquid before your atomizer runs dry. In doing so, you’ll avoid burning the wick of you device. Also, you’ll avoid the production of harsh vapes that may even cause a sore throat.

    Some of the benefits associated with drip tips mainly give you the ability to customize your vaping experience. They also enhance better airflow and even boost the flavor. Additionally, you’ll find that you can cut vaping costs through the use of them as well.

  • The Real Perks of Vaping and Exercising

    Benefits of Exercising

    Vapers come in all shapes and sizes, but the common theme that ties us all together is the wish to reduce our smoking of traditional cigarettes and live a better lifestyle. Switching to vaping is usually part of the overall path to a better lifestyle, which we can all see is a good idea when we begin to improve  after switching to an electronic cigarette. Living a more active and healthier lifestyle will usually include seeking a more balanced diet and beginning an exercise regime that'll only add to us feeling better in the future.

    Vaping and exercising may seem like a contradiction, but the switch from a traditional cigarette to an electronic cigarette will often make it easier to complete more exercises. E-cigs use nicotine liquid instead of the various ingredients that're included in a traditional cigarette alongside the nicotine. Many medical professionals explain how the tar that we take in when smoking traditional cigarettes makes it difficult to breathe and infects the blood cells. Vapers don't take in any tar, which means the amount of exercise that can be completed is increased and the overall conditioning of the individual vaper is improved.

    Exercising is now more popular than it was even ten years ago, as strange as that might sound, which means more smokers are looking to stay healthy by living an active lifestyle. A traditional smoker sees 1 in 20 of their blood cells used to carry carbon monoxide around the body, but the switch to vaping can reduce this level to a more manageable amount. By vaping before and after exercising, the blood cells carry more oxygen around the body.  Exercise requires oxygen to pass through the body to allow the individual to train harder and for a longer amount of time, which means the vaper can improve their fitness when compared to those who smoke traditional tobacco cigarettes.

    Cleaner lungs, because they're free of tar and the many toxins that are included with traditional cigarettes, make exercising simpler and easier to perform. The ingredients in  e-liquids are limited to the major ingredients of nicotine itself and stage smoke, which has been shown to have few side effects for those who inhale this commonly used material. Feeling fitter and stronger is a major aspect of vaping, and that's one of the most important reasons for making the switch and avoiding traditional cigarettes as well as one of the many reasons behind the popularity of vaping.

  • Moving Up The Vaping Ranks: Ditching Disposable E-Cigarettes for MODS


    While most vapers start out using a disposable electronic cigarette, most will want to move on to something better within a year, if not sooner. While disposable e-cigs have their merit, one of which being that you can find them at gas stations and convenience stores, a MOD is a massive jump in vape quality over any disposable. As any disposable vaper will tell you, it becomes a very expensive habit, with disposable vapes running between $6-$12 each. Depending on individual use, some disposable e-cig users can use more than one unit a day, meaning they are spending nearly $50 per week or more.

    Switching to a MOD, especially one where you can build your own coils, will instantly start saving you money compared to disposables. While there is a high upfront cost to switching, the long term savings is worth it. You'll notice that the selection of e-juices is much larger if you are refilling your own tank rather than buying premade ecigs which usually only have a couple favors and nicotine strengths. Also, you'll notice that the vapor produced by a MOD is more flavorful and thicker. No disposable vape is going to produce the same voluminous clouds that a box MOD will.

    One thing to keep in mind if switching from a disposable or pen style vaporizer to a MOD, is to go with a lower nicotine strength than you're used to. This is because a MOD will produce much more vapor in every puff, so you will end up consuming more than you're used to. Generally, if you used a 13mg strength or higher ejuice, start with a 6mg ejuice. If you used 12mg or under, use a 3mg strength. These numbers are approximations, just start off lower so you don't over-do it on the nicotine.

    Disposable e-cigs are good for single use situations, but do not come close to providing the same enjoyment of a decent MOD. Being able to fill an entire room with thick, aromatic vapor from just one puff off of a good MOD is so much fun. Once anyone switches from disposables or pen styles to MODS, they never go back.

  • The Ways of The Coil Master

    Coil Master

    Becoming a coil master isn't a skill that comes easily. It's described as an art by many. Some of the most beautiful builds can be simple, while others continue to become more and more complex. Becoming proficient in building coils takes time, and practice, just like every other skill.

    When you sit down to wrap your first coil, you've probably watched a YouTube video or two, and you think to yourself "I got this, no problem", only to find yourself with an elaborate mess of wire twirled around a screwdriver. Not to discredit YouTube tutorials, but a hands-on experience is  different than watching somebody else perform the task.

    Becoming a coil master requires a steady hand, firm grip, and focus.

    Over time, your coils will become tighter, and more beautiful. One day you'll have a "Eureka!" moment and watch your fresh coils glow a gorgeous orange color from the center outward. It's a great feeling. You'll feel like a master electrician, and you'll no doubt want to expand on your new found abilities.

    It's important to understand safety. Beginners should start with a regulated MOD and grasp an understanding of Ohm's Law. Battery venting is absolutely a possibility, and it's no joke. When you're ready, there's a whole other world in the unregulated mods realm.

    Personally, I prefer a tube style mod, but to each their own. Still, I cannot stress battery safety enough, even to veteran coil builders.

    After building hundreds of normal micro coils, you'll be hungry for something more complicated. Enter the clapton coils, zipper coils, and the staple coil. These coils require multiple strands of different gauge wire, and different tools. The Coil Master V2 Kit from Lizard Juice comes complete with most of the tools you'll need, only lacking a power drill. The coiling kit inside the coil master makes for an incredibly clean nano, micro, or macro coil, with no need to worry about your coil spacing. From new coilers to veterans, I'd strongly recommend this kit.

  • What Can Happen When You Vape at a Higher Altitude?


    Learning about the effects of high altitudes on vaping could save you, the vaper, a lot of disappointments and money.

    When you move to higher altitudes, you're likely to notice a leak in your e-juice from your vaping device. This happens as a result of increased air pressure. An increase in the air pressure will force the e-liquid out of your device, thus the leaking. This however varies across many devices. Some are made to withstand the different altitude changes. For others, you may notice a small leak while others even drain half the liquid out.

    To correct this, you may choose to leave your  device empty or half-filled when traveling, especially, by plane. Also, make sure that you push as much air as you can out of your device to leave space for expansion of air in higher altitudes. Also, carry your e-liquids in plastic bags so that when they spill they don't spread over the rest of your luggage.

    If your device has a very efficient wick, no leaking may be observed. The wick in the device acts as a blockade for the e-liquid. This way, no e-liquid gets out, even with the change in air pressure.

    Also, at higher altitudes, you'll notice that vaping is very difficult. It becomes increasingly difficult for your device to produce good clouds. This may be as a result of device flooding. In this case, you may find it helpful to vape your device while upside down for a bit. This will help get rid of the excess air.

    You don't want to risk losing all your e-liquid when traveling. Therefore, make sure that the storage area or compartment where you put your  device is at the same pressure as that of the place you are leaving. Also, try traveling with your devices empty and fill them once you arrive to your destination.

  • Treat Yourself This Halloween With These Top 3 E-Juices


    You may be too cool for a costume this year, but that shouldn't stop you from  having fun this Halloween by vaping. Yes vaping. But what flavors would go great for Halloween you might be wondering? Well, we've come up with 3 flavors that should get you into the spirit.

    Chocolate E-Liquid

    This e-liquid provides a rich chocolate flavor and aroma that will compliment your sweet tooth. Chocolate e-liquid will become a flavor that you crave just life your favorite chocolate bar. Providing a strong volume of vapor that will lure in your family and friends. In fact, it may become a popular flavor that you introduce to a friend for the first time.

    Voodoo E-Liquid

    This e-liquid has a mild base with an assortment of flavors including, cinnamon, plum, black currant, and grape. These rich aromas provide flavor and vapors that will enhance your vaping experience. You can amaze your friends and fill the room with some of the top aromas. Voodoo E-Liquid provides the novelty taste that you're looking for on Halloween.

    Dark Lizard E-Liquid

    A great e-juice that doesn't have an overwhelming taste of chocolate, but provides a hint of dark chocolate. If you want a hint of chocolate flavor on Halloween,  Dark Lizard E-Liquid is the best choice. The flavor and the vapor last a long time while creating a soothing and calm atmosphere. You can build up a rich vapor that will enhance your Halloween.

    Enjoy one of these popular e-juices for Halloween. In fact, build up a high volume of vapor behind your dragon costume and scare the kids, while you're passing out candy this year.  And don't forget to try some cool vaping tricks with your friends or family to see what you guys can up with for Halloween.

  • The New Vaping Crazy: Flavor Blending


    Flavor blending refers to mixing of different flavors of Propylene Glycol with the same or with those of a Vegetable Glycerine base. Flavor blending gives the vapers control over how their e-juice flavors taste or smell. The art of flavor blending makes vaping a very exciting experience. It is however, very important that you're familiar with how to handle the various flavors and equipment when blending. Particularly, the e-liquid, as it contains nicotine, which may cause blindness when it comes into contact with your eyes.

    A Guide to Flavor Blending

    First, the vaper puts on safety gear, that is, glasses, gloves and apron, before handling anything.

    Secondly, they find a recipe either online or samples given on different e-liquid manuals.

    Thirdly, they make a purchase of the different ingredients. This includes, nicotine, flavors, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerine for the base. At this stage it is important to note that unflavored nicotine comes in higher concentrations which you will need to dilute. A maximum of 24 mg is fine. But if used as is it could lead to serious illnesses and even death.

    Also, to avoid wastage, diluting of flavors to around 10% is done.

    Finally, they mix the flavors. If any blend is successful, they note it down to re-use next time.

    Reasons for Flavor Blending

    Blending your own e-juices could save you a lot of money. This is because at the cost, you could be making more e-juice content.

    Flavor blending is especially helpful to those who recently stopped smoking. It give the same thrill as that of a cigarette and hence prevents fall backs into that behavior.

    Flavor blending plays a big role in preventing flavor exhaustion. This is because the taste buds are kept alert by different flavors each time.

    Popularity of Flavor Blending

    Flavor blending has gained a lot of popularity in the vaping community. This art is copied from liquor connoisseur’s and smokers who're popular with it. With flavor blending, you'll find out quicker which flavors heighten your moods and awareness.

  • Vaping and Your Health Insurance


    The fact that vaping is a better option to traditional tobacco smoking is undeniable. However, as of now, many health insurances are still unsure of how to handle this new trend. This is because research is yet to determine most of the facts about vaping. Also, the ongoing debate on the advantages or disadvantages of vaping add up to the insurance uncertainty on how to factor it.

    Which brings us to the impacts of vaping on healthcare insurance. Individuals who're in the habit of traditional tobacco cigarette smoking often find themselves paying higher healthcare insurance premiums. They're classified as a higher risk of getting some chronic diseases such as lung and mouth cancer, and even death. If they choose to remain traditional tobacco smokers, their health care insurance premium rates will remain as high as before.

    Fortunately, vaping's here to help reduce the health care insurance premiums. Particularly, where it reduces the exposure of individuals to illnesses that're associated to traditional tobacco smoking.

    However, if you were a non-smoker and start vaping, your health care insurance premiums could still go up because vaping still has the risk of nicotine addiction which insurance companies cannot undermine. But this is dependent on the type of coverage of your health care insurance.

    Hopefully soon, insurance companies will consider changing their healthcare premiums for vaping users. In my opinion at least, if you're transitioning from tobacco smoking, you should pay less in healthcare premiums. However, tests have to be done to distinguish vaping individuals from traditional tobacco smokers.

  • Menthol and Tobacco E-Liquids: Great For Beginners

    menthol_madness_e_cig_liquid_1 tobacco_outlaw_e_liquid

    Vaping has gotten so much better than back in the day when the only device you could get were e-cigs, or as they're known, the cig-a-likes. This is mainly due to vaping mods that allow the use of many flavors of e-juices. And speaking of the e-juice quality, that has improved and broadened as well which allows many in the vaping community to become connoisseurs. For those converting from smoking to vaping, the many years of development allows better options for MODS and e-juice flavors. For converts who still crave the taste of menthol or tobacco, there are many products to sample, and there's sure to be at least one e-juice that'll give you the right flavor. You'll also have the option to lower the nicotine intake gradually until you no longer desire any nicotine at all. In fact, you may find flavors that you prefer to the taste of menthol or regular tobacco.

    Even if you've never smoked before and are just beginning to vape, these two flavors may give you a closer feel to the smoking experience you had.  Plus, you can begin your vaping experience without nicotine, if you desire.

    Many beginners are looking for the relaxation element that comes with menthol or tobacco e-juices. These flavored e-liquids offer the close to smoking experience in many ways and having flavors that satisfy the craving is one of the reason many smokers convert.

    Some beginners like producing clouds of smoke. So, to them, creating large clouds of vapor is as much a part of the experience they desire as is the taste they crave. To produce those larger clouds, look for an e-liquid with a higher ratio of Vegetable Glycerin (VG) along with the flavor that pleases your pallet. If you choice is a throatier hit, then a higher Propylene Glycol (PG)ratio will go well with the flavor you chose. Vegetable Glycerin has a sweeter taste than Propylene Glycol which's tasteless, and can add a little to the overall flavor of the e-juice a beginner chooses.

    There's sure to be the right regular, menthol or combination of both flavors of e-juices to suit a beginner's pallet whether converting from cigarettes or just joining the vaping community. Finding the right flavor for you is part of the fun. Those just beginning to vape should try the regular or menthol tobacco flavors just to find out what led to vaping and now you can try it nicotine free.

  • The Possible Dangers of Vaping While Driving

    Vaping and Driving

    Imagine you're in your car. You've your music playing and you see someone next to you at a stop light smoking a cigarette. You suddenly have an urge to smoke, but luckily for you, you've your handy dandy vaporizer! You continue listening to your music as you are driving down the road; you start using your device and all of a suddenly you can't see out of your windshield because of all the vape clouds you created, and then BOOM! You crashed.

    Vaping while driving is a very dangerous thing to do. Not only can it distract you and block your view but if you've a cheap device, it can drip and leak e-juice onto you and you could easily get hurt from not being able to do anything since you're driving.

    Also, if you're out of juice or out of battery charge, that requires two hands but you need at least one (preferably both) to drive.

    There are many dangers that come along with vaping while driving. If you're going to vape while you drive, always make sure that your window is cracked. It'll take all the vapor out of your vehicle so that you're able to see better while you drive. If you're driving and a cop sees that your car is filled with smoke (in this case vape clouds) then there is a very good chance that he will pull you over. Any obstruction to your view can and will get you in trouble with the law.

    Long story short, don't vape while you drive. I've been an avid vapor for a little over 4 years and I can honestly and proudly say that I've never vaped while driving and I never vaped in a friends car while they were driving either.

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