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  • 4 Basic Steps to Making the Vaping Switch

    Making The Switch

    Making an extreme, abiding difference in your ways isn't effortless. When making the switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping, it doesn't just happen overnight as most of us know. Depending upon how powerful the addiction is can be one of the factors for how long it'll take for you to adjust to vaping.

    With those things in mind, today’s 4 tips can help make your transition a bit easier.

    Step#1: First Try the Product

    There are an array of options from Lizard Juice you can try. We make the process easy, as we understand that as a new vaper, finding the right electronic cigarette can be a challenge. The same goes for e-juice flavors. That’s why you need to be sure that you’ve the right combination that fits your vaping needs.

    Step #2: Keep Enough E-Juice On-Hand

    Depending on the type of electronic cigarette or MOD you choose for example, along with the e-juice formula and your smoking habits, one vaping device with the right size e-liquid bottle is usually the equivalent of 2.5 packs of cigarettes. Still, depending upon your frequency of usage, you want to make sure you have enough on hand. You can never have too much e-liquid when you’re starting out.

    Step #3: Maintaining Fully Charged Batteries

    Most of our Premium Kits have multiple batteries, so there’s no pause while you wait for the device to recharge. Take advantage of this! Also, USB and car chargers are particularly helpful when vaping on the go.

    Final Step: Know How to Maintain Your Vaping Device

    Knowing proper battery and device upkeep extends the life of your unit, allowing you to obtain the most from your e-cigarette investment.

    While there are certainly other factors and tips to take into account, such as the amount for money you can be saving in the long run, these are the basics to keep in mind to start.

  • Deforestation, Paper Waste, and Air Pollution from Traditional Cigarettes

    cigarette smoke

    The title alone is the most straightforward facet of the ecological influence of traditional cigarettes. Materials such as papers, filters (wood pulp by-product), and even the packaging all require tree products.

    Even though a large sum of the world’s paper consumption is derived from renewable resources, a notable amount of the paper supply, especially mass-produced products gravitated on sustaining the lowest prices possible, comes from the non-renewable rain forest. This is impeding the global ecological stability as well as creating ecological disasters. While all nicotine is procured from plants, the use of different vaping devices such as electronic cigarettes or MODS still necessitates fewer paper products.

    After each puff of a traditional cigarette, more than 4,000 harmful chemicals are released into the air. A controlled experiment back in 2004 suggested that tobacco cigarettes produced more unhealthy air pollutants than a diesel engine. The study tracked particulate matter levels in the air over a course of time from both sources, and after a few hours the tobacco-affected air was seen to have 10x as many harmful particles as the air around the diesel engine.

    (Read more about this particular issue here)

    On the other side of the coin, electronic cigarettes produce exponentially fewer chemicals on exhalation. Report findings from a team at the Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, NY found that traditional cigarettes produced 9,450 times the number of chemicals that were present in e-cigarette vapor. That means the vapor from them was better for your lungs, for the lungs of those around you, and for the atmosphere.

    So as you can see from these studies and facts, traditional cigarettes can cause more harm to the environment and even those around you.

  • Vaping on Campus Grounds

    Vaping on campus

    Colleges and universities nationwide have begun banning the use of traditional cigarettes on campus. Over 1,400 campuses are entirely smoke free. There are even more which have certain restrictions on where you can and cannot smoke. With all the bans occurring today, a lot of vaping users scratching their heads wondering, “Where can I vape at on campus and is it even possible to do so at all?”

    Well… It’s up to the Campus

    All institutions have the right to ban the use of electronic cigarettes on their campus grounds. This is why airlines are able to ban the use of e-cigarettes, even though there’s no law against their use on planes. In the end, it’s entirely up to the individual college or university to make this type of decision.

    That being said, today, the overwhelming majority of these schools haven’t placed any restrictions on the use of electronic cigarettes. In fact, of the over 4,500 higher education institutions in the US, only 176 regulate the use of vaping devices. Translation: Freedom to vape anywhere you want on a good amount college campuses.

    Use Vaping Etiquette

    While you should feel free to vape anywhere you want outside, you need to not forget your vaping etiquette before using your e-cigarette indoors. While these vaping devices have been around for years, the art of it is still a relatively new phenomenon. Many people don’t fully comprehend how e-cigarettes, vaporizers or MODS function or what they even are. So it’s not uncommon for people to mistake them for real cigarettes. If someone confronts you about you using one, keep your cool and politely explain how they work. Once you show them what it is, they’re generally more trusting of your vaping.

    When it comes to indoor vaping, use best judgment and be respectful of those around you. For example, talk with your roommate first before pulling out your vaporizer in your dorm room, so that way you can make sure they’re cool with your vape use. Also, think twice before vaping in class. A good way to go about this is by e-mailing your professor first and asking their permission. And remember, even if you receive the “okay” to vape in class, other students might find it distracting. Vape with wariness indoors and do not blow vapor in someone’s face.

  • Should We Rename E-Cigarette Vapor?

    e-cig vapor

    There have been several debates over the renaming of e-cigarettes. These are a few of the names people have used when asked about their E-Cigs, E-NI (Electronic Nicotine Inhaler), PV (Personal Vaporizer), Nicotine Sticks, and E-Vaporizers or Vapes. However, the very word vapor also has collected bad reputation. People are able to use the e-cigarettes to turn several types of illegal drugs, (such as Marijuana, methamphetamine, and powered cocaine), into a so called “vapor”. This in turn has led to the popular usage of the word “vapor” as “vaping”.

    Vaping being related to the same as smoking, has brought up feelings of frustration for users that legally use e-cigs only for nicotine fixes. Because as the product describes, when the device is in use it produces a small, cloud of mist not smoke. When the liquid is inserted into the cartridge, an atomizer in the e-cig heats the liquid creating a mist for the inhaler. But now, users of this product face concerns of it being discontinued because of illegal drug use, especially present in today's society by teenagers.

    So, people that are using e-cigarettes for their intended purpose now have to deal with more conflict of discerning themselves from the illegal drug users of e-cigs who are continuously tarnishing the word vapor/vaping.

    As it appears, the origin of the word vapor does not help give e-cigarettes a good review any more than the brand name itself. Words such as smoke, smog, fog, gas, and miasma are associated with odorous toxins and cloud chasing; neither of which promote a good image towards vaping. After extensive research going over synonyms for the term vapor and looking for a connection to the process, (vaporization). The best substitute that has not been given a bad reputation and would clarify the act of using e-cigs would be the word “wisp/wisping”.

    Although we relate the word wisp more to air, its origin also relates back to a light mist. This usage of the word wisp would give e-cigarette users a chance to remove the bad image associated with vaping and instead help promote a positive outlook on the correct usage of e-cigarettes; it would also reduce the negative outlook of cloud chasing.

  • Top 3 May E-Liquids from Lizard Juice

    Vaping Outdoors

    E-Liquids come in a variety of flavors and May is when the sun starts shining again, it’s starting to get warm outside, flowers are blooming, and Spring is in the air. There are 3 flavors in particular that fit this spring/almost summer season perfectly. While you're out and about, give these flavors below a try.

    May Flavor #3: Mint Chocolate Chip
    The first flavor for May would be Mint Chocolate Chip E-Liquid. It has three flavors combined: mint, chocolate and vanilla. Each flavor helps enhance the other two and its very smooth with a creamy effect. This flavor has been said to be a good one for after a meal, or on a hot day to give you that extra perk to keep going. During the month of May, a lot of time's  spent on the go because typically, you can spend more time outside. So, this flavored e-juice can give you that extra pick me up needed to finish off the night.

    May Flavor #2: Strawberry Mojito
    The second flavor for May would be Strawberry Mojito E-Liquid. This time of year fruit is essential and in season. Many people crave a fruity delight as the temperatures start to warm. With two flavors combined, both strawberry and mojito, it gives a refreshing treat. Mojito is a mixture of the delicious drink which contains rum, mint, and lime. It's that almost summer time feeling and this combination of flavor really hits the spot.

    May Flavor #1: Love Potion #9
    Last but not least, who doesn't want a delicious mixture of coconut, kiwi and pear in the month of May. This fruity E-Liquid is called Love Potion #9. Like all other e-liquids it comes in a variety of strengths and really hits the spot when you're out on the town or enjoying the nice temperatures.

    Other May E-Liquids

    The e-liquids mentioned above are only 3 flavors out of many that will fulfill a gorgeous day in May for anyone. Depending on your mood or desire for that day, one of the three will go well with your surroundings and cravings. You can't go wrong with the mixture of flavors and the strength that meet your needs.

  • Storing & Protecting Your E-Liquid and Rechargeable Battery


    A properly functioning battery and quality e-juice are two of the most important aspects to an enjoyable vaping experience. While a messed up power supply’s sure to frustrate and annoy upon subsequent uses, nothing’s worse than the taste of nasty stale e-liquid perforating your taste buds and nasal passages. The good news is there are a few simple things that the friendly vaporizer consumers like you and I can do to avoid the aforementioned pitfalls.

    Protect Your Flavor…with Science!

    If science has taught us anything it’s that there’s a proper way to do everything. If science taught us another thing it’d be the behavior of the molecules that make up different substances. E-juice is a composition of nicotine, water, flavorings and either PG or VG, all of which degrade, evaporate and separate if left for long periods and/or exposed to unfavorable conditions.

    If stored properly, your juice will stay impeccable for approximately 2 years. While the quality degrades significantly thereafter, your e-liquid will still be usable…just disgusting. In order to get the most shelf life, ensure your liquid’s stored in a cool, dark place. Room temperature’s usually okay as long as it doesn’t fluctuate frequently, but if you’ve the space in your refrigerator, that would be the ideal situation. Otherwise, a cabinet or small box should work just fine.

    Protect Your Battery…uh…also with Science!

    As it turns out, science can help us extend the lives of our batteries too!

    While the performance of your battery’s largely dependent on the quality of the manufacturing, there are a few consumer habits that can kill its ability to hold a charge. One of the most common’s leaving the battery in a full state for too long. Using your battery on a regular basis will help avoid this but if you’re planning on storing them for some time, then this won’t be an option. If the battery’s fully charged use it for a while before storing it for a long period.

    Just like your lithium ion batteries are sensitive to heat, you need to keep them stored in a cool, dark place as well. While 0 degrees Celsius has been shown as the best temperature for long term storage of Li+ batteries a cool room temp will be suitable.

  • Should I Vape Here: Vaping Etiquette

    Vaping Etiquette

    Many people understand the basic etiquette when it comes to smoking cigarettes, cigars, and using a tobacco pipe. With the introduction of e-cigarettes, new etiquette hasn't been clearly developed for those who choose to vape. As bans on smoking increase across more varieties of public places, and more people turning to vaping as an alternative to cigarettes, certain basic practices should be followed to ensure that people are able to enjoy their vaping without crossing lines with other members of the general public.

    When it’s Okay to Vape
    Anywhere that it’s acceptable to smoke cigarettes is also a safe place to vape. This includes where you’re located at on your property, as well as anywhere marked as a smoking area. Any place where smoking in public isn't specifically banned is also an option, though private establishments may request that you not vape on their property at their discretion.

    Be Kind to Those Around You
    Even when vaping’s allowed, it’s always best to be courteous to others. Avoid blowing vaper directly at someone who just happens to be near you. Do not block public walkways, when avoidable, forcing someone to walk through the expelled vapor. Be aware that it may not be wise to vape in an area where children are congregating, such as a school bus stop.

    When it’s Not Okay to Vape
    In most cases, if you aren’t allowed to smoke in a location, you shouldn’t vape there either. Most workplaces won’t allow their employees to vape at their workstations. Generally, indoor shopping and entertainment venues (aside from some bars, casinos, or similar) will request that you refrain. Any establishment that has a smoke-free policy, such as hospital campuses, likely see this to include vaping. These bans often have less to do with whether inhaling vaper second-hand is dangerous, and more involves respecting those with certain allergies.

    When in doubt, either ask permission, or refrain from vaping. If you’re in someone else's home, a business or restaurant, or other business, never assume it’s okay to vape. When in doubt, find a designated smoking area, or follow local laws that direct smoking behavior.

  • 5 Common Vaping Facts to Share


    With vaping on the rise, it has become evident that this is more than just some fad. It has become a lifestyle culture change. With that said, here are 5 common vaping facts that you can share with those who are new to the scene.

    Common Vaping Fact #5:  No Smoke. No Tar. No Ash.

    Electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, MODs, and other vaping devices don’t involve using matches or a lighter, because they don’t involve burning anything; hence, no smoke’s produced. This means you don’t have to worry about the vapor having an offensive scent to it either.

    Common Vaping Fact #4: A Wide Array of Awesome Flavors

    Premium American Made E-Juice with only the absolute best ingredients is what we carry at Lizard Juice. Because of the vast amounts of flavors you can choose from, we make it easy for all sorts of vaping users to find the e-juice that fits their needs. This is one of the top well-known reasons why you’re seeing people switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes in general.

    Common Vaping Fact #3: Controlling the Nicotine Strength

    Not only can you choose from a variety of flavors, but you can also buy e-juices with different nicotine strengths of: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 23mg, depending upon the e-juice flavor you choose.

    Common Vaping Fact #2: For The Most Part You Can Vape Indoors

    E-cigarettes product vapor, so there’s no such thing as second-hand smoking when you’re using them. As businesses and other establishments start to realize this, there are those in different states, depending upon their laws, which will allow vaping indoors.

    Common Vaping Fact #1:  People Are Catching On

    It took some time for people to catch on. In 2010, you started to see the shift occur. For example, there would be people that were being asked to leave restaurants and theaters for vaping. In 2012, awareness for vaping skyrocketed with all sorts of vaping devices hitting the open markets. Today, more people are making changes to be more accommodating to vaping users. Though the media on many accounts puts the industry in a negative light, there are those who've done their research and are seeing the positive effects vaping has been able to contribute, either for themselves or for those around them.

  • E-Cig Accessories and Their Benefits


    Electronic cigarette accessories such as tanks, batteries and chargers are typical items for vaping enthusiasts of all levels. As you continue to progress as a vaping user, you’ll start to become more aware of the different accessories which can help you to expand on your experience. For example, using drip tips to directly add e-liquid to the atomizer produces a fuller flavor with an increase in the size of the vapor cloud. If you’re not fully satisfied with the vaping experience your vaping device provides, perhaps enhancing it with different electronic cigarette accessories such more powerful batteries and larger tanks to name a couple.

    Speaking of a battery, something as small as that can help to extend the life of your vaporizer. Safeguarding batteries from the environment as well as possible damage can help to increase how long they last, along with the level of fulfillment.

    A wide array of electronic mods and add-ons are also at your disposal as you become more familiarized with vaping. These are all examples of how e-cigarette accessories can enhance your vaping experience.

    For those of us who have a chosen vaping device which has begun to show signs of aging, there are accessories that are obtainable at deciphering the problem. If you’re considering purchasing innovative electronic cigarette accessories, then you should make Lizard Juice your #1 source because we carry a variety of different components available to choose from.

  • Vaping on the Go

    Vaping on the go

    When you're on the move and you want to start vaping, that right there might appear like a lot of labor, yet it’s completely different in attainment. While you might be used to the rituals and patterns of traditional cigarettes, a bit of organizing goes an extended way with electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices.

    Allow Lizard Juice to make your current busy life extra suitable and smoother. Now let's begin.

    Extra Batteries: If your battery's completely dead or something happens to it, you’re going to need spares. Carry a couple extra batteries with you because you never know when you might need them.

    Charging: Batteries need to be charged (duh, everyone knows that). However, you need to make sure you have an accessible charger. The E-Cigarette Retractable USB Charger or USB E-Cigarette Car Charger that we  sell on our website are both ideal for on the go charging.

    E-Liquid Supply: Determine what you use in terms of e-juice on a day-to-day basis. For longer days and the not-so-expected ones that may keep you at distance from your e-liquid supply, bring extra bottles with you.

    Vaping Accessories: There are some accessories that can add versatility to your life. Carrying cases are great for keeping your stuff organized. Lanyards are cool for having that vaporizer when you want it anytime. With this necklace, you can always have your e-cigarette at hand.

    Planning: This is the #1 thing you can do. It’s an essential piece of your everyday life in order to keep you on track. Vaping is no different, so remember that.

    We hope these pointers help when you're vaping on the go.

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