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  • The Possible Dangers of Vaping While Driving

    Vaping and Driving

    Imagine you're in your car. You've your music playing and you see someone next to you at a stop light smoking a cigarette. You suddenly have an urge to smoke, but luckily for you, you've your handy dandy vaporizer! You continue listening to your music as you are driving down the road; you start using your device and all of a suddenly you can't see out of your windshield because of all the vape clouds you created, and then BOOM! You crashed.

    Vaping while driving is a very dangerous thing to do. Not only can it distract you and block your view but if you've a cheap device, it can drip and leak e-juice onto you and you could easily get hurt from not being able to do anything since you're driving.

    Also, if you're out of juice or out of battery charge, that requires two hands but you need at least one (preferably both) to drive.

    There are many dangers that come along with vaping while driving. If you're going to vape while you drive, always make sure that your window is cracked. It'll take all the vapor out of your vehicle so that you're able to see better while you drive. If you're driving and a cop sees that your car is filled with smoke (in this case vape clouds) then there is a very good chance that he will pull you over. Any obstruction to your view can and will get you in trouble with the law.

    Long story short, don't vape while you drive. I've been an avid vapor for a little over 4 years and I can honestly and proudly say that I've never vaped while driving and I never vaped in a friends car while they were driving either.

  • Stronger Battery = Stronger Clouds

    Vape clouds

    There are many factors that affect vapor producing and one factor that should be used with safety in mind is the battery when blowing clouds.

    Vaping huge clouds require lots of current from your battery, more than 30W to get the job done. A high drain battery of about 30A minimum is recommended. Other contributing factors include VG (Vegetable Glycerin) and an atomizer with multiple coils and a resistance of around 0.5 ohm. The lower the coil resistance, the higher the temperatures that can be achieved at a  quicker rate.

    Achieving higher temperature shortens the life of the coil. And when the coil starts to produce an unpleasant task, it's time to change it.

    Cloud chasers have other techniques and factors they use to increase the density of their vapor clouds. Having the right airflow's important and too much can take away from cloud density. Body posture and inhale/exhale techniques also impact the formation of the cloud. Using 24g and below wire in you MOD lowers your resistance. Also, parallel or twisted build coils lowers resistance and acts like one big fat wire. Unregulated mechanical mod builds with lower than .1 Ohms can be very dangerous. Using above .3 Ohms is safe and you can blow large, thick clouds all day long.

    If your battery or the device itself starts to overheat, just stop and allow it to cool down

    Cloud chasing is the most extreme form of sub-Ohm vaping, but there's also sub-sub-Ohming with builds less than .1 and extreme caution should also be used. If you wanna blow thick dense clouds, there are sub-ohm tanks with pre-built coils on the market. When choosing the best batteries, using the ones that can provide adequate current and bigger amp limits than you actually need. It's better not to push your battery to its limit because you could turn you device into a pipe bomb. Although most vapers still use 18650 batteries, 26650s have a higher amp limits and capacities.

    Using the right battery can keep you safe and improve your vaping experience.

  • It's Not A Good Idea To Be A Duel User

    Duel User

    It really shouldn’t come as a surprise when I say that smoking’s bad for you. There are commercials campaigns and entire organizations trying to help people kick the habit. Any smoker can tell you how hard it is to actually let go. Many have opted to begin vaping, another method of keeping up with the nicotine habit while reducing most of the health risks. One of the greatest risks people don’t talk about is being a duel user - switching between smoking original cigarettes and their electronic counterparts.

    The devices use Propylene Glycol or Vegetable glycerin. They’re liquids that contain small amounts of nicotine and food grade flavoring. This alternative to smoking isn’t 100% safe, considering you’re still inhaling a type of vapor with nicotine in it. But it is still a better alternative to what you were putting into your body when you puffed on a cigarette.

    Switching back-and-forth can cause severe sickness, because the vapor will contain different nicotine levels. Going from e-cigs to regular cigarettes can actually cause nicotine poisoning if the difference between your normal cigarettes and the e-liquid is dramatic. Your body needs time to regulate and get used to the vapor in order to make a complete switch.

    Not only will switching to vaping help cut down on the half of the risk factors but most devices allows a user to switch up the flavors, and won’t leave that nasty smoky smell in your house on you, or even those around you. Another added benefit is the cigarette smoke tends to linger about, making it so anybody that’s around you gets the negative effects of cigarettes. While the vapor that comes from e-cigarettes tends to almost immediately dissipate into the air.

  • Going around with the Kanthal Wire Coiling Tool


    The Kanthal Wire Coiling Tool is a device used for building your own coils for your vapor unit. The kanthal comes in thee stick options, red, purple and blue. Purple is the largest which houses a three mm rod, red the second largest houses a 2.5 mm rod and blue the smallest houses a two mm rod. Each stick is a two-piece unit, a top and bottom. Inside is a rod where the coil is built.

    Begin by removing the top piece, then take your kanthal wire (only about 4 inches) and feed it through the hole in the top of the kanthal body (the power part) leaving only an inch at the bottom, then make just a half twist of the top potion of the wire around the rod. Replace the top half of the kanthal stick and simply twist clockwise eight full turns.

    The top part of the stick has a screw in which is what pushes the wire around the center rod. There are two screw options labeled 1 and 2. The #1 option is for smaller gauge wires and the #2 is, well you guessed it, for the larger gauge wires such 30 gauge. Most people prefer the larger gauge.

    Once you've completed the eight twist, remove the top half, carefully pull the wire through and straighten both leads evenly. You may want to leave the coil on the rod while straightening the leads. Once satisfied with the coil, installation is a snap.

    Using a kanthal Wire Coiling Tool for your rebuilds is simple, fast and's conveniently designed for people who've shaky or an unsteady hand grip. Whichever model you choose, always think safety.

  • Vaping: Are You Ready For Some Football?

    NFL Football

    There's one thing every vaper knows, if you enjoy something, you'll enjoy it more while vaping. Football is no exception to this as vapers are enjoying the NFL season more than ever.

    One of the biggest reasons vapers are enjoying the NFL season so much is most of them used to be cigarette smokers. This meant going outside with your buddies to smoke and missing your team score a touchdown. No one ever likes missing out, and it is unfortunately a common experience with cigarette smokers.

    With vaping however, you can enjoy it while inside, meaning you don't have to miss a second of the action. Vapers are enjoying the freedom they have, as they get to do what they love while also watching something they love. Football games often mean having company over, and vapers never have to worry about bothering somebody with secondhand smoke either. Not to mention perhaps the biggest reason vapers are enjoying the NFL season is simply the fact that they are vaping while watching football!

    Vaping can make any experience better, add it to an experience you already enjoy and you've an activity you'll enjoy for a long time.

    Watching football and vaping go perfectly together. More creative vapers also enjoy customizing their vapes to support their favorite team. Football games are also great times to try out new flavors and blends of e-juice. Vapers also share this amazing experience with each other in the form of fantasy football. Vapers will get together and form fantasy football leagues with each other to play throughout the season. This creates a much more involved and social league because all of the members share the same interest. Drafting a fantasy football team while sitting back vaping with all of your friends is an experience that is tough to beat. These leagues often get a bit more creative than others. Team names always cleverly involve vaping, and often times e-juice or MODS will be the grand prize.

    Vapers who attend NFL games are being accommodated also as many stadiums now accept vaping, or at least have specified vaping areas. The NFL season brings excitement every year. This excitement only grows when you add the experience of vaping.

  • Top 3 Fall E-Juices From Lizard Juice


    The Fall season is coming quickly, with it comes a change in weather, scenery, and traditions. So why not switch out your old e-juice for some fresh and new flavors that'll perfectly complement the upcoming Fall season.

    Here are the top 3 flavors that're guaranteed to enhance your vaping experience this Fall.

    E-Juice Flavor #3: Tiramisu
    This flavor that is truly unique. While some dessert flavored e-juices can be overwhelming at times, Tiramisu does an outstanding job of softly releasing flavor rather than an overloading it. The sweet, rich, and warm flavor will bring Fall fever to anybody. This is a flavor absolutely perfect for Fall and will give you a sweet experience to enjoy all season long.

    E-Juice Fall Flavor #2: Mocha
    If you can imagine drinking a warm cup of coffee on a brisk Fall morning, then you've an idea of the experience the mocha e-juice flavor provides. This is any coffee lover's dream. It has a rich and genuine coffee flavor that's perfectly complemented by a hint of chocolate. This flavor is almost too good, while it can be enjoyed year round, it is definitely more suited for Fall. This is a must have Fall flavor to try out this upcoming season.

    E-Juice Flavor #1: Dark Lizard
    Dark Lizard e-juice is a twist on Lizard Juice's signature flavor Lizard Milk. The original Lizard Milk flavor is a combination of coconut milk and pineapple rum flavors. Dark Lizard adds a chocolate flavor that takes the normally light flavor, to a cool and dark one. This is essentially a Lizard Milk flavor adapted for the Fall. As the weather cools down and the rain comes in, also comes room for this amazing flavor. Dark Lizard provides an unique vaping experience to enjoy on the colder, wetter days of Fall.

    These three flavors are ideally crafted for the Fall season and will definitely enhance your vaping experience. Whether you want a sweet dessert at night, a warm coffee in the morning, or a cool and dark lizard signature, we can provide you with it.

  • It's a Good Move to Have a Backup


    If you're like many people, switching to a vaporizer has probably changed your life. It has given you the ability to indulge in your nicotine intake without being kicked out of restaurants, bars or other locations. Plus, you don't need to deal with the smoke, so  you no longer need to wash the cigarette smell from your hair, bed sheets or other areas of the house.

    With that being said though, you probably had a few different spare packs, lighters and other smoking items around the house, yet you may only have a single vaporizer. While it is a bit more of an initial investment, it is a good idea for you to have backup equipment.

    The Backup Battery

    Batteries are inexpensive and are not very hard to change. It is just like swapping in a battery on your camera or on a cell phone (that has a removable battery). You just pop out the old one and slide in the new one. Yes, vaporizers are easily charged with just about any sort of USB connection, but maybe you are planning on a camping trip or just are not going to have a power outlet immediately available for an extended period of time. Instead of being completely out of your vaporizer, having a backup allows you to continue on enjoying without worrying about being without power.

    Extra Coils and Tanks

    Sometimes coils break. Over time the coil can wear out, just like any other small piece of electronics. It doesn't happen often, but having a backup allows you to swap it in and be good to go. Having multiple tanks is a perk not only so you don't need to carry around your different e-juice flavors around with you, but so you can actually have different flavors ready on hand. Maybe you've one you like to enjoy after meals while another you enjoy on the way to work. With the spare tanks, you can do this.

    No matter what spare parts or additional backup equipment you are looking for, you can find everything you need at Lizard Juice.

  • Stop Confusing Vaping With Smoking!

    Just stop

    One of the major mistakes people make, is believing that vaping is the same as smoking, which anybody with even a little knowledge of vaping will know is completely false. Vaping is often confused with smoking because the act of inhaling nicotine is part of both process, but vaping has many major differences and advantages for the vaper and those around them.

    A major problem for vaper's who want to make sure those around them understand the differences between the two actions is the use of terminology that tends to link the two in the minds of those with little understanding of vaping.

    Let's begin with a little bit of science, which has proven the fact that smoking is far more dangerous than vaping. In any traditional cigarette, the many different ingredients included in the product makes it extremely dangerous to the smoker and those around them who can be harmed by the toxic chemicals released. Amongst the dangerous chemicals released by a traditional cigarette are ammonia, benzene and the radioactive chemical known as 'polonium'. In contrast, a vaper inhales just a small handful of chemicals, which include nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol. Propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol are both used in medications and everyday products to make them some of the least harmful chemicals on the market.

    When the first vaping equipment was created in Japan, the hardware was termed an 'electronic cigarette', which gives the impression that the equipment is similar in style to a traditional cigarette. Vaping sees the nicotine liquid held in a cartridge vaporized and not burned, which calls into question whether vaping should even be termed smoking in any way.

    Instead of linking smoking and vaping, it's important for vapers to change the way the language they use for it and refer to inhaling nicotine as vaping, instead of smoking. Nothing's burned during vaping, which means the air around a vaper isn't filled with smoke, but a small amount of water vapor filled with the flavors of the nicotine liquid is released into the atmosphere.

    Vaping has reduced the level of antisocial behavior linked to smoking traditional cigarettes, which should be accompanied by vapers showing the world they're no longer smokers in any sense of the word.

  • Choosing the Right Tank


    Vaporizing tanks come in a wide variety to choose from. For most people, it’s difficult to pick the best tank, either for a replacement or a MOD. The most suitable tank mainly depends on the intended purpose of use. However, the personal taste of the user is important so to ensure that he or she gets a tank that is most comfortable with him or her.

    The tank of choice depends on several factors:

    Type of Material

    There are three main types of vape tank materials:

    • Plastic
    • Glass,
    • Metal

    Each type of tank material has its advantage over the other, and each is suitable for different uses. Plastic is the cheapest among the three and is readily available in most retail stores. However, plastic tanks can be corroded by e-juices containing fruit acids such citrus over time. Some e-liquids can also crack plastic tanks. Unlike plastic and metallic tanks, glass tanks easily break when they fall from medium heights.


    The size of the tank also matters. For a replacement, the size of the tank will depend on the available atomizer. If the tank is relatively larger than the atomizer, the device will be less stable and prone to toppling over often.

    A large tank might also be suitable for vaping devices used for vaping sections since it can hold large amounts of e-juice. However, if the device is for personal use, a large tank might make the device less portable, and thus inconvenient to the mobile user. A large tank that is not regularly used might also mean that more e-juice is wasted since e-liquids spoil when exposed to sunlight over a long period.


    The main factor in deciding the tank design to choose is the preference and taste of the user. The design of the tank of choice will also depend on the design of the available atomizer to ensure that they are compatible. Some of the commonly available tank designs include Top Coil, Bottom Coil, Single Coil, and Dual Coil designs. For a vaping tank, a coil near the mouth means a hotter vape will be produced and vice versa. A dual coil tanks will also produce a hotter vape as compared to a single coil. A dual coil, however, might drain the battery faster than a single coil.

  • Dealing with a Broken Vaporizer Coil


    As with all electronics, the parts of your vaporizer aren't designed to last forever. One part that may need to be replaced after regular use is the coil. While the idea of replacing a component may seem intimidating, replacing the coil in your device is relatively simple.

    There are a few signs that your coil may be burnt or broken. You may notice that your e-juice isn't producing vapor at normal levels. It's also possible that there will be a slightly burned taste to the vapor or that the area of the case that surrounds the coil may become abnormally not to the touch.

    A final indication is that the device won't create vapor at all, though this symptom may also be caused by other issues. In order to determine the coil is the problem, you'll want to check and make sure other issues are not present, such as a dead battery or insufficient e-liquid in the tank. You can do this by visually examining the tank to see if there's e-liquid present and confirming your device is properly charged.

    If the coil's responsible, you'll need to replace the broken one with a new coil. New coils can easily be purchased on our website. Be sure when you're purchasing the replacement part that you get the proper one for your particular model. If you are unsure which to purchase, it would likely be wise to contact a vaping store for assistance.

    Once you have your replacement coil, you'll need to dismantle the major components of your e-cigarette. First, unscrew the battery portion of the device and set it aside. Next, you'll unscrew the tank from the base making sure to have the tank in the proper direction to keep any e-liquid from spilling out. After you set your tank aside, you 'll need to unscrew the coil from the base. Take your new coil and screw it into the base, followed by the tank and the battery. Now you're ready to vape!

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