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  • 5 Common Vaping Facts to Share


    With vaping on the rise, it has become evident that this is more than just some fad. It has become a lifestyle culture change. With that said, here are 5 common vaping facts that you can share with those who are new to the scene.

    Common Vaping Fact #5:  No Smoke. No Tar. No Ash.

    Electronic cigarettes, vaporizers, MODs, and other vaping devices don’t involve using matches or a lighter, because they don’t involve burning anything; hence, no smoke’s produced. This means you don’t have to worry about the vapor having an offensive scent to it either.

    Common Vaping Fact #4: A Wide Array of Awesome Flavors

    Premium American Made E-Juice with only the absolute best ingredients is what we carry at Lizard Juice. Because of the vast amounts of flavors you can choose from, we make it easy for all sorts of vaping users to find the e-juice that fits their needs. This is one of the top well-known reasons why you’re seeing people switch from traditional tobacco cigarettes to e-cigarettes in general.

    Common Vaping Fact #3: Controlling the Nicotine Strength

    Not only can you choose from a variety of flavors, but you can also buy e-juices with different nicotine strengths of: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, and 23mg, depending upon the e-juice flavor you choose.

    Common Vaping Fact #2: For The Most Part You Can Vape Indoors

    E-cigarettes product vapor, so there’s no such thing as second-hand smoking when you’re using them. As businesses and other establishments start to realize this, there are those in different states, depending upon their laws, which will allow vaping indoors.

    Common Vaping Fact #1:  People Are Catching On

    It took some time for people to catch on. In 2010, you started to see the shift occur. For example, there would be people that were being asked to leave restaurants and theaters for vaping. In 2012, awareness for vaping skyrocketed with all sorts of vaping devices hitting the open markets. Today, more people are making changes to be more accommodating to vaping users. Though the media on many accounts puts the industry in a negative light, there are those who've done their research and are seeing the positive effects vaping has been able to contribute, either for themselves or for those around them.

  • E-Cig Accessories and Their Benefits


    Electronic cigarette accessories such as tanks, batteries and chargers are typical items for vaping enthusiasts of all levels. As you continue to progress as a vaping user, you’ll start to become more aware of the different accessories which can help you to expand on your experience. For example, using drip tips to directly add e-liquid to the atomizer produces a fuller flavor with an increase in the size of the vapor cloud. If you’re not fully satisfied with the vaping experience your vaping device provides, perhaps enhancing it with different electronic cigarette accessories such more powerful batteries and larger tanks to name a couple.

    Speaking of a battery, something as small as that can help to extend the life of your vaporizer. Safeguarding batteries from the environment as well as possible damage can help to increase how long they last, along with the level of fulfillment.

    A wide array of electronic mods and add-ons are also at your disposal as you become more familiarized with vaping. These are all examples of how e-cigarette accessories can enhance your vaping experience.

    For those of us who have a chosen vaping device which has begun to show signs of aging, there are accessories that are obtainable at deciphering the problem. If you’re considering purchasing innovative electronic cigarette accessories, then you should make Lizard Juice your #1 source because we carry a variety of different components available to choose from.

  • Vaping on the Go

    Vaping on the go

    When you're on the move and you want to start vaping, that right there might appear like a lot of labor, yet it’s completely different in attainment. While you might be used to the rituals and patterns of traditional cigarettes, a bit of organizing goes an extended way with electronic cigarettes and other vaping devices.

    Allow Lizard Juice to make your current busy life extra suitable and smoother. Now let's begin.

    Extra Batteries: If your battery's completely dead or something happens to it, you’re going to need spares. Carry a couple extra batteries with you because you never know when you might need them.

    Charging: Batteries need to be charged (duh, everyone knows that). However, you need to make sure you have an accessible charger. The E-Cigarette Retractable USB Charger or USB E-Cigarette Car Charger that we  sell on our website are both ideal for on the go charging.

    E-Liquid Supply: Determine what you use in terms of e-juice on a day-to-day basis. For longer days and the not-so-expected ones that may keep you at distance from your e-liquid supply, bring extra bottles with you.

    Vaping Accessories: There are some accessories that can add versatility to your life. Carrying cases are great for keeping your stuff organized. Lanyards are cool for having that vaporizer when you want it anytime. With this necklace, you can always have your e-cigarette at hand.

    Planning: This is the #1 thing you can do. It’s an essential piece of your everyday life in order to keep you on track. Vaping is no different, so remember that.

    We hope these pointers help when you're vaping on the go.

  • Rules of the Vaping Road: Charge Safely

    e-cig charging

    Think of vaping as driving for a moment. The main thing you’re taught when learning how to drive is to pay attention to the road. The same goes for when you’re charging your e-cigarette. You've to pay attention to it when it’s plugged in. We’ll explain with these 4 rules on why you need to so.

    Rule #1: ALWAYS Use the Manufacturer’s Approved Charger

    It’s important you DO NOT bring together charger components just because they’re suitable with each other. Regardless if “A” fits into “B”, that doesn’t mean they’re charging compatible. If they’re from dissimilar manufacturers, then there charging compatibility is possibly a volatile one.

    Rule #2: Your E-Cigarettes SHOULD NOT Be Charging Unattended

    The instructions are right there on the manual. If something does happen and you aren’t there to realize it before it transpires, then thermal runaway could happen. If you notice that your battery’s heating up or starting to bulge, remove the charger from the USB port or  wall socket right away and place it somewhere it can cool down. If the battery does change shape in any type way over a certain period of time, then it’ll need to be recycled and you’ll have to buy a new one because that battery has reached its lifespan.

    Rule #3: DO NOT Charge Overnight

    You may be willing to leave your battery charging overnight so in the morning you’re all set to go. Refer to Rule #2 on why you have to avoid doing this. Also, an e-cigarette battery will at no time entail a 6-8 hour charge. At max, it should charge for close to half of that time.

    Rule #4: Location Is Key

    Choose a safe location where there’s no extravagant heat and/or flammable stuff. A vacant kitchen counter is normally a notable place. Also, always charge in areas out of reach of children or pets. If you already keep fine track of where you’re charging, you don’t have to be too worried. Still, it’s prime to have it in an area where it’s not simply reachable for them.

  • A New Method of Getting Nicotine Flavor

    New Trend

    Vaping has become the more favorable way to get your nicotine buzz, without the smoke and all the harmful chemicals contained in traditional cigarettes. This is making it quite untrendy to be a tobacco smoker. Although this practice provides an indistinguishable approach, with a very alike experience, vaping couldn't be any more dissimilar than traditional smoking where it actually counts.

    So, if you or somebody you know are looking for some reasons to make the switch, then these 5 should do the trick:

    Reason #1: Vaping is Cleaner

    Everyone realizes how unclean traditional cigarettes are. I mean, from the multitudinous litter, to the disgusting ends that were chemically-filled, to seeing powdery residue all over the pace, to the way it stains your hands, and just overall, it’s entirely not an appealing routine by any measure. Vaping on the flip side, removes all of that away!

    Reason #2: It's Odor-Free

    Vapor is pleasant and pristine in every manner, and with that comes an insufficiency of scent. If you’re still smoking, visualize how delightful it will be to actually smell nice!

    Reason #3: Fire Hazard Free

    In May of 2009, a report from FEMA highlighted traditional cigarettes inducing 7,600 fire-related deaths each year. Clearly flammable and combustible, they can be really unsafe. Vaping devices on the other hand are non-flammable making them a safer alternative inside your home.

    Reason #4: Stainless Teeth from Vaping

    The tar from tobacco can stain your teeth. Vapor doesn't leave repugnant tar behind. This is one of the top basis to select vapor as your favored method to deliver nicotine for being able to vape rather than smoke.

    Reason #5: The E-Juice Flavor Choices

    Premium American Made E-Cig Juice made with only the absolute best ingredients. We make sure that our e-liquids are second to none, for a price that everyone can afford. Whether you're a Banana E-Juice fan or a Menthol Madness fan, we've all the bases covered to help you get the flavor that'll help you quit smoking for good. Not to mention, vaping doesn't destroy your taste buds like smoking does, so you’ll be able to taste our e-juices, along with an array of other things too!

    This is just the beginning. Being able to vape opens up doors to health and life.

  • March Vaping Terms: Propylene Glycol and Glycerol


    You might have heard these 2 terms thrown around often in the vaping industry: Propylene Glycol and Glycerol. They’re ingredients used in most e-liquids or e-juices. Today, we’re going to give a quick breakdown of both, so let’s get right to it:

    Propylene Glycol: This FDA-approved for countless purposes, including use in theatrical smoke machines, as a solvent for food colorings and as an additive in medicine and food. The Select Committee had weighed the available information and concluded that there’s zero evidence in with the available information on propylene glycol and propylene glycol monostearate that advocates any reason to suspect that these substances are a hazard to the public when used at levels that’re now current or that might reasonably be expected in the future (Source: FDA).

    It's a solvent for several water-insoluble drugs intended for parenteral administration; an ingredient of hydrophilic ointment; a viscous organic solvent frequently used in pharmaceutical preparations to dissolve drug substances with limited aqueous solubility; used in part for preparing injectable solutions of diazepam, phenytoin, pentobarbital, and other drugs. (Source: Farlex Partner Medical Dictionary 2012)

    Glycerol is a naturally occurring chemical. It used as a medicine. Some uses and dosage forms have been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

    It’s taken by mouth for weight loss, improving exercise performance, helping the body replace water lost during diarrhea and vomiting’ and reducing pressure inside the eye in people with glaucoma. Athletes also use glycerol to keep from becoming dehydrated. (Source WebMD).

  • The A-List Vaping Celebrities of Tinseltown

    Penn Vaping

    Several years ago, electronic cigarettes made they grand debut on the Hollywood big screen. You would see these A-List celebrities you wouldn't think vape actually do it. Since then, e-cigarettes have gained so much mainstream attention, it’s hard not to ignore them.

    With that said, we've compiled list of some pretty well-known celebrities in the movie and entertainment world that have put vaping center stage for all to see.

    Johnny Depp: He introduced the electronic cigarette onto the big screen in the film The Tourist. In one of the scenes, you see him vaping in front of a “no smoking” sign. Depp has been a long-time tobacco smoker and he has tried for some time now to kick the habit. While he debuted the e-cigarette on the big screen, Depp has also brought vaping into his personal life.

    Katy Perry: The “California Girl" who's most certainly undeniable for sure. When she takes a break from singing, Katy may be spotted taking a few puffs on her e-cig. While there aren't many pictures to prove it, some “sources” report that she looks to be a moderately knowledgeable vaping user.

    Leonardo DiCaprio: With California being one of the first states to ban smoking in most indoor spaces back in 1995, celebrities like Leonardo seem to be enjoying the ability to vape indoors. He was spotted puffing on an e-cig at the 2014 Golden Globes and again for last month’s 87th Annual Academy Awards.

    Sean Penn: Another celebrity you may spot “vaping”. Even during interviews, he’s not shy about taking out his vaporizer for a few puffs. Sean pledged to give up his four-pack-a-day tobacco smoking habit after watching his father die of lung cancer back in 2001.

    Britney Spears: After being scrutinized for smoking cigarettes too close to her children, Britney can now be spotted using her e-cigarette. Last year, she publicly reported that  electronic cigarettes allowed her to take back control of her life and finally “win” her battle against the awful habit of smoking.

    Robert Pattinson: He has been reported to be pretty open about his attempt to take care of himself and push aside the habit of smoking tobacco cigarettes. In an interview conducted in 2012, Robert pulled out his electronic cigarette and explained how he was using this device to help get over his smoking habit. Last year, he was photographed on his film sets still vaping away.

    There are more celebrates out there that’re starting to do this, and some are even partnering up with different vaping companies as well. It’s all in friendly competition, as it’s good to have them on our side to help us fight the battle against big tobacco.

  • You Might Be This Type of Vaping User

    vaping users

    There are different kinds of vaping users with diverse passions that all share one thing in common, their joy for vaping. Let’s breakdown these 5, shall we.

    Type #1: The Newbies: We've all been there before. When we were newbies, we too were overly thrilled about a basic entry-level electronic cigarette or starter kit. There were so many flavors and different types of vaping hardware, it was just insane how much there was to learn. Over the course of time, experience with vaping rises, and with that comes new and enjoyable experiences.

    Type #2:  The Relaxed Vaping User: These users recognize a very little concerning e-cigarettes. Their equipment choice is having functionality over the form of the device.  It's the enjoyment  they get while keeping their gadget plain and simple.

    Type #3: The Tinkerer: These individuals have a great amount enthusiasm for vaping and their not accustomed to using a standard tool. They’re a huge fan of MODs as a result of their capabilities of different customization methods. They've turned their love of vaping into a hobby by doing this type of stuff

    Type #4: The Coach: They're seasoned and are consistently eager to share their new discovered understanding about vaping. They do lots of research prior to making a new purchase.  You should also know that it’s fantastic to have a mentor around when a newbie is present because the mentor will most likely show them the ropes when it comes to vaping.

    Type #5: The Mixologist: The mixologist has most likely attempted close to every e-liquid/e-juice flavor out there.  Actually, they also have become tired of the pre-made options. They might either make their own e-juice themselves or mix combinations from pre-made flavors.

  • The Power of The Juice Bundles


    It has been told countless times just how important e-liquid/e-juice is to making any vaping device work. No juice means no vaping. It's as simple as that. E-liquid is the very source of power for e-cigarettes besides the battery. While buying your favorite e-juice at Lizard Juice is certainly less expensive than buying packs of traditional tobacco cigarettes, there’s an even substantial money savings opportunity out there if you’re opened to paying a slightly higher initial cost. If you buy your e-liquid in bundles, you’re looking at yet another way of really saving some money.

    At Lizard Juice, we sell them by the bundles, with 3 different e-liquid flavors per bundle, such as our Flavor Blast Bundle that includes: Berry Blast, Orange Blast, and VoodDoo. Not so much of a full-flavor person. No worries. We have other bundles such as our Merry Mint Bundle that includes: Spearmint, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Strawberry Mojito. We've 9 e-liquid bundles that would fit your needs.

    Now, you’ll also be astounded to learn that it doesn't take that much per bottle to fill your vaping device. That right there says it all. No matter which way you try to formulate it, the amount of potential money you would be saving is massive. That’s not the only advantage though.

    When you buy e-juice by the bundle, it just becomes more convenient for you, as you already have what you need picked out without all the possible hassle. You see, we all know that while there are plenty of stores out there that carry all types of vaping hardware and e-liquids, they’re not all carrying identical brands. You might have a tougher time finding the right e-liquid(s) you need. Ordering from us online allows you to hopefully be worry free when you’re looking for the right e-juices and other vaping hardware. We also have an excellent customer service team that’re vapers too, who can walk you through the different hardware and e-juices on our website.

    At the end of the day, you're not only see the savings, the different flavors, and the overall convenience of buying bundles of e-liquids or hardware, but you also get to experience  the enjoyment of a better vaping lifestyle in general.

  • Lizard Juice Saved My Life :: "My Doctor Recommended E-Cigs to Help me Quit"

    " I smoked a pack, sometimes more, of cigarettes a day for 37 years.  On May 13, 2014, I went to a new doctor who told me I needed to quit, as have other doctors in the past.  Told her I tried to quit many times over the years with patches, gum, and everything else I could think of, failed every time, and resigned myself to the fact I'd never be able to quit.  She recommended using e-cigs, telling me that several doctors and nurses at the hospital used them with great success.
    Luckily there is a Lizard Juice store nearby.  The woman there was very helpful, asked me several questions about my smoking habit, letting me try several different flavors, and recommended I start with 24 mg nicotine level.  As of today, I'm down to 6 mg. My next step is 3 mg (mixing 6 and 0) and my plan is to be at 0 mg by my first anniversary of being tobacco-free.  I'm proud of myself, my doctor is proud of me and says she doesn't care if I use e-cigs indefinitely since what's harmful in cigarettes is not the nicotine.    "
    -Bonnie M.
    Congrats Bonnie M. on your successful journey of being tobacco free! We're glad your doctor gave the recommendation and that your experience at one of our stores was excellent!
    If your life has been changed forever by Lizard Juice, please do not hesitate to share your story with us at - If we use your story for one of our episodes, We will send you a bottle of your favorite juice for free! If you submit a 15-30 second video testimonial to share on social media, we will give you a FREE shirt! 
    Til next time!
    The Lizard

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