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  • Choosing the Right Tank


    Vaporizing tanks come in a wide variety to choose from. For most people, it’s difficult to pick the best tank, either for a replacement or a MOD. The most suitable tank mainly depends on the intended purpose of use. However, the personal taste of the user is important so to ensure that he or she gets a tank that is most comfortable with him or her.

    The tank of choice depends on several factors:

    Type of Material

    There are three main types of vape tank materials:

    • Plastic
    • Glass,
    • Metal

    Each type of tank material has its advantage over the other, and each is suitable for different uses. Plastic is the cheapest among the three and is readily available in most retail stores. However, plastic tanks can be corroded by e-juices containing fruit acids such citrus over time. Some e-liquids can also crack plastic tanks. Unlike plastic and metallic tanks, glass tanks easily break when they fall from medium heights.


    The size of the tank also matters. For a replacement, the size of the tank will depend on the available atomizer. If the tank is relatively larger than the atomizer, the device will be less stable and prone to toppling over often.

    A large tank might also be suitable for vaping devices used for vaping sections since it can hold large amounts of e-juice. However, if the device is for personal use, a large tank might make the device less portable, and thus inconvenient to the mobile user. A large tank that is not regularly used might also mean that more e-juice is wasted since e-liquids spoil when exposed to sunlight over a long period.


    The main factor in deciding the tank design to choose is the preference and taste of the user. The design of the tank of choice will also depend on the design of the available atomizer to ensure that they are compatible. Some of the commonly available tank designs include Top Coil, Bottom Coil, Single Coil, and Dual Coil designs. For a vaping tank, a coil near the mouth means a hotter vape will be produced and vice versa. A dual coil tanks will also produce a hotter vape as compared to a single coil. A dual coil, however, might drain the battery faster than a single coil.

  • Dealing with a Broken Vaporizer Coil


    As with all electronics, the parts of your vaporizer aren't designed to last forever. One part that may need to be replaced after regular use is the coil. While the idea of replacing a component may seem intimidating, replacing the coil in your device is relatively simple.

    There are a few signs that your coil may be burnt or broken. You may notice that your e-juice isn't producing vapor at normal levels. It's also possible that there will be a slightly burned taste to the vapor or that the area of the case that surrounds the coil may become abnormally not to the touch.

    A final indication is that the device won't create vapor at all, though this symptom may also be caused by other issues. In order to determine the coil is the problem, you'll want to check and make sure other issues are not present, such as a dead battery or insufficient e-liquid in the tank. You can do this by visually examining the tank to see if there's e-liquid present and confirming your device is properly charged.

    If the coil's responsible, you'll need to replace the broken one with a new coil. New coils can easily be purchased on our website. Be sure when you're purchasing the replacement part that you get the proper one for your particular model. If you are unsure which to purchase, it would likely be wise to contact a vaping store for assistance.

    Once you have your replacement coil, you'll need to dismantle the major components of your e-cigarette. First, unscrew the battery portion of the device and set it aside. Next, you'll unscrew the tank from the base making sure to have the tank in the proper direction to keep any e-liquid from spilling out. After you set your tank aside, you 'll need to unscrew the coil from the base. Take your new coil and screw it into the base, followed by the tank and the battery. Now you're ready to vape!

  • Taking A Vaping Selfie


    Vaping is the new selfie phenomenon quickly gaining momentum through the usage of digital media. Many users of social networks are posting pictures of themselves showing off their vaping skills. People are competing to see who can make the biggest smoke cloud or who can perform the best smoking tricks. Celebrities are also doing it; joining in on the fun with fans!

    Many people are sending a message out behind their pictures as a form of activism. Vaping is proven to be a better alternative than cigarette smoking and has helped these people quit. These people are now spreading word out to smokers struggling with cigarette addiction in hopes to help them quit. It was a challenge these vapers have faced in the past so they know the difficulty of quitting through experience.

    If you Google image smoke clouds you can find hundreds of pictures with amazing visuals thick smoke clouds. Everyone is doing it; both the younger and older generations. The selfie fad has created an online community for vaping enthusiasts to grow closer together.

    People can share their hobby with others who have similar interests. It is amazing to see how the digital age has shaped our current world and this is a perfect example.

    People love to show off their personal modification creations. The customizing features allow smokers to add parts and build the best vaping device. The specs on some of these creations are outstanding showcasing some of the highest performing devices not even on the market.

    Many people post pictures advertising products on their blogs or social media page in hopes of further endorsements. As the hobby becomes more expensive for users they are trying to find free ways to continue their hobby. Since vaping is still fairly new; brands offer sponsorships in order to advertise their products. Pioneers of vaping are the ones truly getting the full experience from their hobby.

    Vaping has quickly become one of the fastest growing industries on the market. Smokers and non smokers alike are picking up the hobby. Soon it may replace regular tobacco smoke altogether.

    Vaping selfies are only adding to the fun.

  • A Vape and a Nice Movie

    Watching a movie

    A great movie tells your companion and friends about your personality, but when you add awesome and unique vaping flavors from Lizard Juice, you and your guests will heighten your sense of awareness with a unique aroma. This makes for a great movie night, too. Engage yourself in a relaxed setting created by unique vaping flavors and centered around your favorite movie.

    The sour flavors have become very popular amongst our users. In fact, it has given them a taste of the tart candies from their early childhood. We carry awesome flavors for movie night like, kiwi, lime, lemon, grapefruit and various other flavors. A unique blend of any of our  flavors can give you, the customer a savory taste that'll add to any movie night.

    Vaping and a good movie is more cost effective than an actual dinner and a movie. You'll find that you can be more sociable during the movie while vaping. It's like watching a movie while you indulge in your favorite vaping experience. In fact, vaping is a wonderful experience that reduces stress. Ironically, relaxing's very important during a movie which creates an awesome combination when you add vaping.

    Comedy movies provide the best vaping experience because users can do vaping tricks and make the movie a conversation piece. The right aroma can open your taste buds, create a romantic setting, and would require that special someone. Boozy e-liquids are great for college students that want to get together for movie night with a punch of friends and a great action movie is highly recommended.

    Vaping's an amazing experience and can be very relaxing with combined with your favorite movie with a companion or a few friends.

  • Using Battery Wraps


    Battery wraps are a fresh new way to make your e-cigarette or vaporizer stand out among your peers. A battery wrap, also known as a skin, is a small stylized sticker that you place on the outside of your battery, for aesthetic purposes. The styles can very wildly, and you're sure to find one that appeals to you.

    Applying a battery wrap is easy.

    Before purchasing, make sure the skin you choose is compatible with the size battery you own. Some of the bigger devices require more of a custom shaped skin.

    First, remove your battery from your tank and give it's surface a thorough cleaning to remove any small bits of debris or dust. Use a lightly dampened paper towel, and then make sure to dry completely before applying your skin.

    Next, peel the skin from it's paper back, being careful not to get it stuck to itself, or dropping it. Line up one of the edges, in as straight a line as possible, down your battery, and while holding your battery with one hand, use the thumb of your other hand to smooth it down. This first placement is the most important, and extra care should be taken to make sure it's as straight as possible.

    Finally, slowly wrap the sticker around your batter. Make sure you take your time, and slide your thumb up and down the battery as you go, pushing out air bubbles. Try to keep your wrap as even as possible, as it's difficult to go back if you mess up.

    Battery skins are a great way to personalize your vaping experience, and wow your friends with gorgeous designs. Whether you resonate more towards a cool sleek matte black finish, some urban camouflage, or a far out tie dyed party, you're sure to find an ecig skin that matches your sensibilities. So go out and pick one up, express yourself, you won't be disappointed.

  • Different Grips and What they Say about You

    Gripping an e-cig

    There are a few different ways to grip or hold an electronic cigarette. Each one may tell you something about the person’s personality.

    An e-cigarette can be held between the pointer finger and the thumb. This grip is may be considered aggressive and masculine. It's also a grip often used by those who smoke illicit substances. This grip may suggest both masculinity and boldness.

    Some people tend to hold e-cigarettes the same way they would hold a regular cigarette. This grip places the e-cigarette between the pointer finger and middle finger with both fingers remaining straight. This is the most traditional way to hold a cigarette and also applies to an e-cigarette. This grip is seen in both men and women and may suggest a sense of tradition classic style.

    Using the middle and pointer finger, the smoker can also curl the pointer finger around the e-cigarette. Generally this is called the “cigar grip” as it's commonly used to hold a cigar. A person who uses this grip may be viewed as either sophisticated or as someone who is trying to appear sophistical. Because this grip is reserved for cigar products, it may be overreaching to use it with anything other than cigars.

    The final and least common way to hold an e-cigarette is to hold it between the middle and ring finger. This grip is far less common than the other two, but has benefits. It's the least likely to produce an accidental drop. The reason for this is that the muscle connecting these two fingers is shorter than the muscle connecting others. It is far easier to keep the fingers together than it is to pull them apart. Using this grip may send out a quirky, unusual vibe to those around you. However, it may also serve to impress people who are aware of the grip or even start a conversation with those who are curious about the unusual grip.

    There are other ways as well to grip an e-cigarette. There really is no right or wrong way. It's just how the grip defines you.

  • Why Sour E-Juice? Mystery Solved...


    Vaping, dripping or e-juicers, no matter what you call it, the new vapor trends have created a novel market place. New flavor profiles are popping up everywhere to keep up with the growing demand. Consumers are jumping on board to try the unique, creative and original e-juice blends. Surprisingly, sour flavored e-juices are gaining popularity over options of sweet, salty, fruity, boozy or umami flavors. Although most users enjoy a good blended flavor profile the sickly sweet e-juices that have flooded the market-place leave many users wanting.

    Sour vapes have consumers reminiscing over the nostalgic sweet and tart candies from their childhoods. A good pucker is just what some want from their e-juice. The powerful sour flavors of kiwi, lemon, lime, cranberry and grapefruit, among others, packs a unique throat punch for thrill seeking vapor hobbyists.

    Many sour fans are sickened by the sticky syrupy aftertaste of sweet e-juices. Sour e-juices stimulate the taste buds while offering a fresh powerful flavor. Don’t misunderstand, the old hard candies, sour coated treats and lemon sweets are not the only motivators; nor do sour e-juice fans look for the most face puckering blends out there. A nice combination, a perfected blend, of sour flavors with natural ingredients are stimulating to the taste buds to just the right degree.

    Most vapor users were former cigarette smokers. The harsh throat burn is something that they have become accustomed to. The other flavor profiles simply fail to produce the desired throaty effect that smokers are familiar with. Vaping is not the same as smoking. The harsh smoke, sometimes mentholated, is hard to walk away from. Sure, nicotine additives help with the cravings for the addictive substances but, the sensation from smoking is a powerful pull for quitters to re-light. Sour e-juices help satisfy that missing feeling.

  • Cloud Chasers

    Cloud Chasing

    The up-rise of vaping competitions has begun. Here in the U.S., there are approximately 8,500 e-cigarette locations that have popped up within that last few years. The competitors are called "cloud chasers" and their fans are called "cloud gazers.” These cloud chasers have developed technique and spent time working on their vaporizers.

    Along with e-cigs has grown a love for upgrading and tinkering with their device and blowing the biggest and most dense cloud of smoke. Those who believe they can blow the biggest and most dense cloud have come together and started competing. Vaping competitions have started small but have taken off quickly with the first International Cloud Competition in 2014. The New York Journal calls it an "extreme sport" which is drawing in bigger attention to e-cigs.

    With competitions going on across the United States the first official competition was held in 2014. The International Cloud Competition had over 50 contestants who all brought their own fans. At ICC the competitors are expected to complete their winning build in 10 minutes, given a new battery and full vamping liquid to optimize their competition. Each contestant proceeded to the board individually and tries their best. The competition has three winners and a grand prize of $500 along with a custom King Mod donated by Surefire Vapor and other goodies, however some competitions have had prizes up to $2,000.

    Before the ICC cloud chasing started out with smaller competitions where competitors face back to back in a reverse duel; when the clock starts both competitors attempt to blow the biggest and most dense cloud of smoke with different techniques. One contestant talks about his technique: he breaths everything out while bending over to collapse his diaphragm and ensuring he is able to fully expand his lungs and successfully blow out the biggest and most dense cloud of smoke.

    Growing with the love of vaping competition is the concern brought by critics who believe promotes the "smoking culture" and encourages kids to smoke. However cloud chasers state that vaping competitions don’t encourage smoking or the use of e-cigs. Almost all chasers are ex-smokers and are not encouraging "smoking culture" like so many believe. He states that he used to smoke two packs-a-day before he started competing. Once he was competing his hands were kept busy by modifying his device instead of reaching for his Marlboro Lights and states that by being a cloud chaser they are celebrating regaining their lung capacity back. “It’s basically an antismoking rally,” said Erik Hutchinson, founder of AmeraVape Technologies, a device manufacturer.

  • Best Summertime E-Juices from Lizard Juice

    Summer Time

    Walks in the park, pool parties, the sunshine, and lots of fun are all great ways to enjoy the summertime. They're also great reasons to enjoy your vaping experience. When it comes to the summer season, not all e-juice flavors will do the trick of being the perfect flavor. In fact, not even all fruity flavors are great for the summer. Have no fear though, at Lizard Juice we supply all the best flavors you could possibly need in the quest for the perfect summertime vaping experience.

    One e-flavor that just shouts summer is Berry Blast. Growing up, many people likely had summertime smoothies made from all the same flavors that are also in the flavor berry blast. It provides the perfect combination of blueberry, strawberry and raspberry into one great flavor. Like explosions in your mouth of berries warmed in the sunshine, it is sure to please any vaper.

    Watermelon is the perfect summertime fruit. When thinking of summer, no other fruit comes to mind as much as this watermelon. Which means it also makes the perfect summertime e-flavor. A hot summer’s day at a family barbecue was and still remains best enjoyed with a slice or two of watermelon. Now you can relive those times of biting into a fresh piece of watermelon while sitting in the sun with the Watermelon E-Liquid.

    Oranges have always evoked images of the summertime. With the long groves and the warm sun overhead, you cannot help but think of the flavor orange as anything other than the go-to flavor for a good summertime vaping. Orange Blast E-Liquid offers up to the feeling one had during a summertime’s past. When orange popsicles were enjoyed after a hot day of play and the smell of citrus filled the air when a slice of orange was cut into. Orange Blast is a great way to enjoy the flavor of summer no matter what you are doing.

    Rum Punch is perhaps the best e-flavor when it comes to conjuring up the feeling of summer. A hint of lime, and sugar, mixed with some Jamaican rum and you have yourself the perfect e-flavor to lounge around the pool with. It is reminiscent of the Planter’s Punch recipe from summers that are now long past.

    Blue skies, warm temperatures, swimming pools and all the fun that summertime has to offer has been made even greater thanks to these e-flavors.

  • 4 Basic Steps to Making the Vaping Switch

    Making The Switch

    Making an extreme, abiding difference in your ways isn't effortless. When making the switch from traditional cigarettes to vaping, it doesn't just happen overnight as most of us know. Depending upon how powerful the addiction is can be one of the factors for how long it'll take for you to adjust to vaping.

    With those things in mind, today’s 4 tips can help make your transition a bit easier.

    Step#1: First Try the Product

    There are an array of options from Lizard Juice you can try. We make the process easy, as we understand that as a new vaper, finding the right electronic cigarette can be a challenge. The same goes for e-juice flavors. That’s why you need to be sure that you’ve the right combination that fits your vaping needs.

    Step #2: Keep Enough E-Juice On-Hand

    Depending on the type of electronic cigarette or MOD you choose for example, along with the e-juice formula and your smoking habits, one vaping device with the right size e-liquid bottle is usually the equivalent of 2.5 packs of cigarettes. Still, depending upon your frequency of usage, you want to make sure you have enough on hand. You can never have too much e-liquid when you’re starting out.

    Step #3: Maintaining Fully Charged Batteries

    Most of our Premium Kits have multiple batteries, so there’s no pause while you wait for the device to recharge. Take advantage of this! Also, USB and car chargers are particularly helpful when vaping on the go.

    Final Step: Know How to Maintain Your Vaping Device

    Knowing proper battery and device upkeep extends the life of your unit, allowing you to obtain the most from your e-cigarette investment.

    While there are certainly other factors and tips to take into account, such as the amount for money you can be saving in the long run, these are the basics to keep in mind to start.

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